Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit: Valls muscle his vis-à-vis discourse of Europe – Le Point

Tafta, posted workers, external borders of the Union … Manuel Valls said Sunday that the vote of the British was to be an opportunity to rethink the European project. The Brexit “clarifies the debate, said the Prime Minister, and [allows] to wear a European project refounded, rebuilt,” said the Prime Minister in 200 socialist activists gathered in Belleville-sur-Mer (Seine-Maritime). Francois Hollande, who will be in Berlin on Monday, before a European council Tuesday and Wednesday, he himself promised “initiatives”.

The transatlantic treaty “is not going in the right direction”

the prime minister reviewed several areas of European theme that cause concern, particularly on the left. He wanted so categorical on the draft free trade treaty between the United States and the European Union (Tafta or TTIP): “I tell you frankly, it can not be any treaty agreement transatlantic. This agreement is not going in the right direction. “The French authorities have been protesting for several weeks before increasing reluctance that negotiated draft agreement to the Europeans, the European Commission and that Germany wants a hasty conclusion. “From now on, no free trade agreement should be concluded if it does not meet the interests of the Union. Europe must be firm. France will ensure there, “warned the head of government. He said the Tafta impose “a vision that would not only reads populism, but merely a vision that would be bad for our economy.”

Negotiated in the greatest secrecy since mid-2013, the the agreement aims to remove trade and regulatory barriers between the EU and the US to create a vast free trade area supposed to boost the economy.

“Banish the social and fiscal dumping”

It is necessary “to ban social dumping tax within the EU, in particular with the same minimum wage and very clear rules on the posting of workers,” said Manuel Valls. The prime minister denounced in this regard “illegal detached work (which) is devastating.” “This can not continue and if the change directive (posted workers) as we offer is not accepted, then it will put this issue on the EU table discussions and give up what today undermines the whole relationship between employees in Europe, “Manuel Valls criticized.

Controlling borders

He also addressed the themes of the external borders of the Europe and the Schengen area, very sensitive after the unprecedented immigration pressure experienced by the continent last year, and the enlargement of the EU. “Europe has borders. Yes. External borders which are not as customs posts, but also symbolic limits that say what we are and what we are not. Europe starts and stops somewhere. This can not be a race for accession to other major areas that we respect, “he said.

As for the Schengen area,” which was considered a great opportunity (he) is now perceived as a threat, “lamented Manuel Valls hoping that Europeans can regain” full control “of the issue.

” Allow states decide “

When there are voices on the right to call a referendum on a new European treaty, Manuel Valls has delivered a plea for national parliaments: “When Europe is not the right level of decision then it must be clear, and let the states decide. “

” A choice has been made and from that choice, we must rebuild the European project, “said Prime Minister finally to About Brexit, repeating the procedures for the departure of Britain from the EU should engage quickly. According to a government official, “even British supporters Brexit currently have a hangover” before the referendum results.


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