Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Holland entangled in his hesitations – Liberation

But what plays François Hollande? What does he want ? Finally tearing the left or hope to win in 2017? Tuesday early evening, it was agreed in principle that prohibits the police headquarters Thursday’s demonstration against the labor law. Leaves to make history as the first president since 1948 to declare illegal a labor parade. And raise an uproar to the left of the left and a deep unease within the government. On Wednesday late morning it rétropédale and finally gives green light to the compromise solution torn by his interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve.

At the Elysee recognizes lip that the presidential line may appear somewhat “readable” . “But that’s the price of seeking compromise, it is added in the entourage of the head of state. Of course it would be easier to play a game against another. But it always wins to reconcile the positions. The aim was first to create the conditions to bring the violence of 14 June can not happen again. “

Bandy or floating. There in the film two days of tension something that sums up the wobbly nature or floating in Holland. The end of five years, the deprivation of nationality in this work law, has staged a chair entangled in a double contradiction. The first is psychological. This is a head of state who can theorize in private the need for authority in public opinion. And be unable to stage in his personal practice of power. This was true with Emmanuel Macron. Long, too long, Holland left his economy minister install that he might defy in 2017. Before resigning to call him to order. This is also true in its relations with the prime minister. Many Dutch to have advised on several occasions, Francois Hollande to express a distancing (or at least in height) with Manuel Valls, when it took him too far from his political base. Each time, they were disappointed. When Valls announced on June 15, the possibility of prohibiting the next union demonstration, Holland connects immediately. The Head of State has always stuck to her as Prime Minister that it seems to follow more than preceding it. Near decrypts: “This is probably one of Holland weak point, but he is afraid of Valls. He is afraid that if different assumed, it took the opportunity to resign … And as Valls keeps reminding his loyalty to the president, it’s stuck. “

Center of gravity The other contradiction is incomparably heavier. This is the report of Francois Hollande to the left or to the left. Again, it can take over “the two irreconcilable Lefts” theorized by Valls, knowing that to keep a small chance for the presidency, he has an imperative need to gather all his camp. An intimate confirms: “The question for him is where you do cross the border of these two irreconcilable left. Valls would do so within the Socialist Party and Holland rather outside. “ The answer to this question (which is not decided) will depend on the gravity center of the future campaign. Near Holland announced: “It’s the battle of the coming days.”

Gregory Bevel


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