The demonstration on June 14 in Paris against the Labour Law. – CB

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  • The government put his threat: the Paris demonstration planned for Thursday by opponents of the labor law was forbidden

  • This exceptional measure which immediately caused an uproar in the labor movement and among the left and ecologists policies.



Relive the live of the national event June 14

work Act: How the government he will loop this explosive law

work Act: unions demand the government “a new proposal manifestation”

1:10 p.m.: Philippe Martinez asks Netherlands to bring together unions “very quickly”

the secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, asked Wednesday to François Hollande received “very quickly” unions about the Labour Act. “The president has no alternative but to unite trade unions and youth very quickly,” said Philippe Martinez after the press conference at the headquarters of the CGT.

13.00: the course of the event can be done in 20 minutes walking

the course will be between the place of the “Bastille, the Arsenal basin and return Bastille, this is more than a kilometer,” said Jean-Claude Mailly, general secretary of FO. This proposal of course is “more secure,” he added. The Inter calls for “massively participate” in Thursday’s demonstration.

This journey could be done in 20 minutes on foot, as estimated by Google map …

Capture & # xe9; notch Google map  Place de la Bastille & # xE0; Paris.
Capture screen Google map Place de la Bastille in Paris. – Google map

12:50: Philippe Martinez (SGC) announces that the events of 23 and June 28 in Paris are allowed

the leader of the CGT explains that “hard bargaining” with the Interior Ministry, the event unions protest against labor law Thursday is authorized to Paris as a “course offered” by the Place Beauvau. He added that the manifestation of June 28 is also permitted.

“After intensive discussions with the Minister of the Interior, trade unions and youth were given the right to demonstrate in Paris on a course offered by the Interior Minister and the permission to demonstrate on June 28 on terms to be determined, “said Philippe Martinez, who spoke on behalf of the seven unions opposed the labor law met at the headquarters of the CGT. Wednesday morning, the parade planned by unions had been banned by the police prefecture

12:49.: the CGT and FO press conference starts

12:40: rally at 18:30 in Paris for “the freedom to manifest”

A “Rally for the Republic for the freedom to demonstrate,” on Wednesday at 18:30 in the Place de la République, relayed on social networks by one of the spokesperson of EELV. The anonymous authors of this appeal and motivate their call to protest: “We do not resign ourselves to see our freedoms flouted the benefit of a few. We call to find us (….) to show our commitment to democracy and freedom. “

12:35: “Our civil liberties are a precious” said Taubira

in a tweet, the former Justice Minister Christiane Taubira said that civil liberties were a “precious” deserving “more to be saved” after the decision to ban the trade union demonstration on Thursday.

the decision not to allow the demonstration against the law work because of the risk of damage to property and persons Wednesday sparked an outcry on the left, including in the ranks of the PS where several MEPs criticized the decision as to the right wing to the left wing of the party.

12:25: The elected socialists, ecologists, communists will march Thursday

in a press release, the deputy PS rebellious Christian Paul announced that several elected socialists, ecologists, communists will defy the ban Thursday to protest against labor law Thursday in Paris. It will scroll “in solidarity alongside the trade unions in the conditions they have chosen” with parliamentarians Pouria Amirshahi, Marie-George Buffet, Fanélie Carrey-Conte, André Chassaigne Pascal Cherki, Marc Dolez, Cécile Duflot, Jacqueline Fraysse, Benoît Hamon, Jérôme Lambert, Philippe Nogues and Jean-Louis Roumegas.

12:15: Holland “must play its part” and “authorize the demonstration,” said Jean-Luc Mélenchon (left Party)

the co-founder of left party candidate for president Jean-Luc Mélenchon explained to the press about the prohibition issued by the police headquarters: “here we are with a decision which is unprecedented.” He added that “it is in the loop of total force,” in “a kind of country where the government is in complete violence report with his people.” Jean-Luc Mélenchon said: “I think it’s the responsibility of the president now to calm the situation and bring us back to the usual tranquility of a democracy.” “The President Hollande must play its role, allowing the event, and maybe if he had a flash of insight, ask Manuel Valls to go home to calm down.”

12:10: union coaching CFE CGC” disappointed and concerned “

a statement, the union reaffirmed “its unwavering commitment to the right to demonstrate and wishes to inform its disappointment and concern over the ban made by the prefecture.” the union added that “there is still time for the government to respond and urges him to give back all the space and time needed to trade to promote a genuine crisis. “

12:05: for François Hollande, “the authority [to show] is not given” as “the conditions are not met”

François Hollande warned that the Council of Ministers until the conditions were not met, permission to demonstrate in Paris on Thursday against the labor law would not be granted, reported the government spokesman Stephane Le Foll told reporters, when the minutes of the Council

11:50. the National Movement of Unemployed and Precarious (MNCP) “denounced a scandalous ukase”

the unemployed advocacy association denounces, in a statement, “a ukase [an authoritative and binding decision] outrageous.” The MNCP supports unions protest, adding that he manifested Thursday in Paris. He called on “all unemployed and precarious to do the same, demanding the government cancel the labor law (…)”

11:40: This prohibition of the event is a “demonstration of the government’s negligence,” judge Alain Juppé (Republicans)

Alain Juppe candidate (Republicans) primary for 2017, said Wednesday AFP that the decision to ban the demonstration against the labor law, taken the day before for the next day was the “demonstration of the carelessness of the government and its inability to control the situation. ” Say it is a decision of the Commissioner of Police also shows, according to former Prime Minister, that “the government is running. This is his characteristic “. Alain Juppe had voted on June 15 to ban demonstrations “which constitute a clear threat to public order”.

11:20: “an attack on fundamental freedoms” for the PS deputy Nicolas Bays

in a statement, the PS deputy of the Pas-de -Calais and vice president of the Defence Committee in the national Assembly, said: “I do not understand this decision. This is a violation of the right to demonstrate, a fundamental right of our democracy which is part of the DNA of our Republic. ” “A negotiated solution must be found. I call on the government to reverse this decision and allow a demonstration on a secure path (…). “

11.10: “the reason prevailed and I welcome that” judge Francois Fillon (Republicans)

François Fillon, candidate (Republicans) primary for 2017, “welcomed” Tuesday to AFP of the ban on unions protest against the Labour Act, claiming that “reason has prevailed”. “I asked her for days ban for safety reasons. The reason prevailed and I welcome that, “said the former prime minister.

10:55: the CFDT “condemns” the ban on demonstrations in Paris

the CFDT Wednesday condemned the ban, “defends the right to protest,” while judging “essential to find ways to ensure the safety of people and property,” she said in a statement. Senior government support of labor law, the CFDT “does not share the position on the bottom of the organizations that call for mobilization, it defends their right to demonstrate to express it,” she insists in a statement.

10:38: Those who go show

On Twitter, many people, political or not, announce defy the ban to go demonstrate in Paris on Thursday. Among them, former presidential candidate and spokesperson of the NPA Olivier Besancenot announced his decision by taking the character of Homer Simpsons, making the fingers of honor.

… All as Jacques Boutault, environmentalist mayor of the 2nd district of Paris …

… or Sandra Regol, spokesperson of Europe-Ecology-the Greens (EELV) …

… and the PCF senator from Seine-Saint-Denis Eliane Assassi …

… or the PS deputy for Hauts-de-Seine Alexis Bachelay …

10:34: prohibition of the event is not part of a “arbitration” President Hollande says his entourage

the prohibition of the event scheduled for Thursday in Paris against the labor law is “a business management decision of public order” and not within a ” arbitration “the President of the Republic, does one said Wednesday in François Hollande’s entourage. “We said there had to be avoided he has the same problems as last week and had to find the right balance between preserving freedom and respect for public order,” Did you said. “It is a business management decision of public order. The arbitration was not made by the president himself. The president is not in charge of public order and the organization of events, “Has it also noted. While unions denounce a first since 1962, the source pointed out that there had already been bans on demonstrations, particularly at the time of COP21.

10h30: the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve receives Martinez (CGT) and Mailly (FO) on Wednesday at 11 am

the interior minister announced in a statement that he will receive the lead managers of unions CGT and FO at 11am at the ministry.

10:28: A “aberrant” decision for the environmentalist Cécile Duflot

“it is absurd in terms of rights and values, and disastrous” for his part, reacted on iTV former minister environmentalist Cécile Duflot, who asked the “suspension of review of labor law ‘in Parliament

10:26. An “authoritarian and irresponsible” decision for the PCF on iTELE, the national secretary of the Communist Party (PCF) Pierre Laurent has expressed its “astonishment reaction” against the “authoritarian and irresponsible” decision. “We though it will not solve seen rioters violence problem (…) and against aims to silence the protesters who want them peacefully protest against the adoption of the Labour Law”, accused the senator of Paris . Asked what he will do on Thursday he said he would honor “all calls to peaceful mobilization launched by the trade unions.”

10:25:” An extremely serious act “for the PS MP Aurélie Filippetti On
LCP, MP Aurélie Filippetti PS believes that this ban is “an extremely serious act.” She added that the slingers “guard (s) the possibility ‘of a motion of censure if left again 49-3 in second reading in the Assembly work bill.

10:20: Reactions cautious right after the announcement of the ban of the event Thursday in Paris

While many leaders of Republicans (Alain Juppe Francois Fillon) had requested the ban on demonstrations, Nicolas Sarkozy said Tuesday from Berlin “not reasonable” such a possibility from a “republican government “.

” This is a decision (to ban) I understand and I approve personally, “responded his side on iTELE MP (Republicans) Thierry Solère. “I call the CGT to return to the negotiating table. It does not require removal by the street, this is not democracy. “

10:15 A protest between Bastille and Place d’Italie? What would FO

“Despite this prohibition we may have to demonstrate, for example between Bastille and Place d’Italie” responded Wednesday on France Info Gabriel Gaudy, General Secretary of Force Ouvrière (FO) in the Ile-de-France. “We take our responsibility and we will decide in the day trips we can take and the actions we can lead. We do not confront us with the police, “said Gabriel Gaudy

10:10.” A highly political and very serious decision “for Eric Coquerel, the left Party

Eric Coquerel, coordinator of the left Party and regional councilor of Ile-de-France, said on France info qualified the ban manifestation of “political decision and very serious.” “This is not a ban on the police headquarters. This is Bernard Cazeneuve [Interior Minister] and Manuel Valls [Prime Minister]. We know that it is they who are the lever for days. This is a step in the rightward government, “he added. Eric Coquerel said he will manifest if ‘unions continue to call the event “

10:05: Daniel Cohn-Bendit predicted “a multitude of wild demonstrations”

a few minutes before the announcement of the ban on the demonstration on Thursday in Paris, former Green MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit predicted Wednesday morning on BFM TV: “If you ban a demonstration in the current climate you will have a multitude wild events, it is a false good idea. (…) It does not prohibit a union demonstration. (…) It is easier to secure, you need fewer police officers, I have the experience. “

10.00: The Inter will meet late morning and hold a press conference at 12h30

The seven organizations to initiative of the new day (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL and Fidl) announced a press conference at 12:30 at the headquarters of the CGT in Montreuil, near Paris.

9:55: Several trade unionists announce figures defy protest ban Thursday in Paris

“We commit ourselves to a process of action on one of the proposed route,” announced Gabriel Gaudy, of Force Ouvriere (FO) on BFM TV.

same story on the side of Karl Ghazi, secretary general of the CGT-Commerce Paris, which announces on BFM TV: “We will go forward and we will see how the police react”

Benjamin Amar is responsible for the protest policy. CGT Val-de-Marne. It evokes the ban as a first since the war in Algeria.

9:50: Marine Le Pen denounced a “serious attack on democracy”

the President of the National front Marine Le Pen denounced on Wednesday a “resignation deal with thugs” and a “serious attack on democracy” after the ban of the demonstration in Paris.

9:45: The ban on the demonstration in Paris is “a historic mistake,” said the slinger Christian Paul

the prohibition of the event is a “historic mistake”, reacted on Wednesday iTELE PS MP Christian Paul, leader of “slingers”. “I consider, and I really weigh my words, this is a historic mistake. This is the first time since 1958 that a government, a prime minister, banned a demonstration organized by trade large organizations, “said Christian Paul. “We are on the verge of a compromise on the labor law and it is time that the Prime Minister chose to further harden its position once,” he accused.

9:40: The FO and CGT unions need to be received by the Interior Minister

the secretaries general of Force Ouvrière Jean-Claude Mailly and CGT Philippe Martinez asked, in a statement, “to be quickly received by the Minister of the Interior “Bernard Cazeneuve, after the ban of the Paris demonstration.

the two leaders react after the release of the police headquarters announcing the ban.