Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Labor law: the French do not want a forced passage – Le Parisien

According to the barometer Odoxa – France Info – “Le Parisien”, more than 7 out of 10 French are opposed to a new point of 49-3 to adopt the controversial text. For the 11th time, unions demonstrating today.

L Euro 2016 vibrates the French, but they do not care so much. Anyway, not as much as the rest. According Odoxa barometer, conducted for the “Parisian” – “Today in France,” MCI and France Info, floods were the most significant event in the news for the last month 63% of respondents. Demonstrations against the Labour Law (47%) and misbehavior in parades margin (52%) also strongly marked the spirits. Even before the killing of Orlando in the US (44%) who made 49 victims. The start of Euro 2016 (16%) comes hand behind the violence between Russian hooligans and English (34%) in Marseilles.

Main point of contention between the unions and the government, Article 2 of the Labour Act is rejected by a majority of French. This measure intends to give more weight to the agreements, compared to sectoral agreements, imply that “many companies seek to negotiate down the rights of employees,” according to 64% of respondents. Only 44% of them believe the opposite that it would “develop the social dialogue within companies.” But the French are also not completely naive. They are 65% believe that the unions are opposed to maintain their power.

“the government should try to reach agreement on article 2″

Celine bracq, Executive Director of Odoxa

“it’s about this article that the government should try to reach an agreement to avoid a new unsheathe 49-3 to force the passage of the text disputed the five-year “analysis Céline Bracq, CEO of Odoxa. Above all, avoid the government to permanently lose part of its electorate to 2017.

Having already unsheathed the 49-3 early May during the passage of the Labour Act for first reading in the Assembly, the government estimated that perhaps the political impact would be less in case of a new use. There is nothing … 73% of those surveyed are still strongly opposed and would find “shocking” new use. A figure up 2 points from last month (71% of the French against the 49-3 on Labour Law in May). Similarly, 58% of the French would like slingers do radically dam the government and vote a possible confidence motion to the right. In detail, we see that the left-wing sympathizers are more hesitant: only 53% would support the rebellion slingers. On the other side of the political spectrum, it is the opposite. 66% of National Front supporters are in favor, 62% of supporters of right.

Among the upcoming events most important to the French, according to the barometer, are the consequences of Brexit (71% ) before the end of discussions on Labor law (62%) and the referendum on the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (25%). One bright spot in this ambient slump, the end of the Euro 2016 (27%). And a French victory?

Odoxa Poll for “The Parisian-Today in France” conducted on 23 and 24 June with a sample of 1011 people representative of the French population aged 18 and more. Quota method.

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