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The funny demonstration against the bill work in Paris – Le Monde

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Demonstration against the labor law to the  Bastille, in Paris, Thursday, June 23

“the shortest event I’ve ever done. “ Jessica did not return. The protest against the bill work carried by Myriam El Khomri turned into a stroll in Paris for the volunteer “Street Medic” team procession of head lifeguards. “I saw the left side of the square, then the right side. . “ or 1.6 km in 46 minutes

Like her, many are deplore this route proposed by the government and accepted by the unions: a return Bastille Square by circling the Arsenal basin. A compromise reached after the vaudeville of the day which saw the prefecture ban the demonstration in the morning, before the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, will eventually allow it to mid-day.

“It will be after anything more than gathering? More street theater? “ asks Ines, 25, came to show ” keep the already acquired rights and advance. “ Stephanie, 37, is not at its first manifestation. “This one is weird, but like all, it is useful. “ For her, it was important to come and be counted among the opponents of the bill work. They were 60,000 according to unions, 19,000 to 20,000 according to police, to come all the same, in principle, circling around the Bassin de l’Arsenal.

” it’s a trap “

” it’s a trap, I feel we did not have the right to protest and they managed their shot ” takes Jerome M., 41, face this parade is not really one. The pace is quiet, sparse procession. The first protesters return Bastille Square chanting. Night standing anti-PS chose a slogan; CGT is trying to stay positive: “Together for withdrawal. “

At the end of the first round, some remake the path backwards; others wander idle in the square. Not hunted, not stuffed … “It is all very go around 20 times, we finish at 17 hours,” Jessica smiled. And it is only 15 hours, or one hour after the starting signal.

The Bastille was filled with a dropper, filtered through the police barricades. Or scarves, or hats, or anything that can serve as a projectile. Those who want to absolutely keep are repressed. Some are stopped before they pass the barriers between the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir rendezvous union. Unpublished, the safety device mobilized 2,000 policemen. In prevention, the windows of the bus stops and billboards had even been removed and deployed water truck.

A peaceful gathering

An almost impossible scheme to implement in a traditional parade. Over a distance of 5.5 km long, as was the case on June 14 in the previous mobilization against the bill work, dozens of adjacent intersections and streets to be monitored. The security forces need to “rip”, that is to say move as the procession advance. It is also unthinkable to install policing grids – such as standing on the four or five access routes to Thursday’s event

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Result: a more peaceful gathering as of 14 June, where two protesters were injured and damaged the windows of the Necker hospital. Thursday, mobilization ended in relative calm. “I only had nice people,” is surprised even the CRS Boulevard Richard-Lenoir dam.

Some did try to come together spontaneously Place de la Bourse, but they were dislodged in minutes by the police. Others did not want to leave the place de la Bastille, as it sat at the end of a celebration difficult to leave.

If the CRS issued their helmet several times to end of the mobilization, anticipating slippages, it has finally been nothing. The prefecture has documented hundreds of arrests, but no major damage.

Jessica volunteer is delighted to have had caring person. At 27, Kevin, he is still part of pacifist demonstrators, but he refuses to dissociate potential rioters. “It’s part of the trick. The government talks tough so people also. “ This could tip over into violence? A dead person. Or another 49-3. “We try to make us believe that the labor code is a burden to our society,” so he sent messages to his friends to be found here. He had intended to come for a few days, but the ban on demonstrations the day before the reinforced. “For the penalty I also come on 28! “

The interior ministry, he welcomed the conduct of the event of the day. At the head of it, Bernard Cazeneuve welcomed the “optimum conditions” in which the event took place: “There was no breakage, there’s not been smooth, there was not a tear gas canister launched, there was no one injured “, welcoming the coordination between law enforcement and unions.


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