Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit three days after the vote, the United Kingdom in anguish – The Point

Still reeling from Brexit, UK struggled Sunday to find his bearings between separatist thrust Scotland and chaotic atmosphere at Westminster, before a week in which the British will be held accountable in Brussels. ” And now ? “Headlined the Sunday Times , summing up the atmosphere of malaise in which the country was plunged after a referendum which exacerbated identity and political divisions, and boosted the secessionist ambitions of the Scottish nationalists.

“the United Kingdom, for which Scotland has voted to stay in 2014 no longer exists,” said BBC on the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, who wants a new referendum on independence after that of 18 September 2014. Brexit forces, “the context and circumstances have completely changed,” she insisted in stressing that the Scots had, they clearly voted (62%) to stay in the European fold. In the front line since the announcement of the referendum results, the pro-independence passionaria can also boast two polls published Sunday claiming that a majority of Scots are now ready to venture out of the kingdom of His Majesty.

Wildlife in Labour

If the threat of dislocation was not enough, the country must also deal with the wars that shook the two major political parties. Accused of not having shown enough zeal to defend the EU, the Labour leader (opposition) Jeremy Corbyn had to dismiss Hilary Benn, one of his opponents within the party before several officials of his cabinet will smack door. “It’s a good and honest man, but this is not a leader,” Hilary Benn dropped on the BBC. Jeremy Corbyn not leave office, however, assured one of his lieutenants, John McDonnell, but a stormy meeting awaits Monday at which could be considered a confidence motion against him.

storm also affected since Friday the Conservative Party, where the war of succession began since the announcement of the resignation of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, pro-EU. According to the newspaper The Observer the former Mayor of London and leader of the pro-Brexit Boris Johnson is preparing to launch an offensive on the party, but supporters of the “Remain” (stay ) are determined to stop it.

3.2 million signatures

sign a Brexit who is struggling to pass for part of the British, especially in young, the petition for the organization of a second referendum Sunday afternoon exceeded the 3.2 million signatories, although 77,000 fraudulent signatures have been removed. In addition to its internal affairs, the United Kingdom should handle the pressing demands of leaders and officials of the European Union to speed up divorce that David Cameron wants to leave to his successor the task of managing.

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, on Sunday urged David Cameron to enter the EU exit procedure on Tuesday in Brussels, where starts a summit of heads of state and European governments of two-day electrical ad for the British. “This attitude of hesitation, just to the tactical play of the British Conservatives, we night at all,” he said in the newspaper Bild . The four largest formations of the European Parliament wrote their side a resolution urging David Cameron to commit the Brexit on Tuesday, reports the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung .

“Reinventing Europe “

Already Saturday, the foreign ministers of the six EU founding countries had pressed London to start the exit process” as soon as possible. ” Francois Hollande said Sunday that France and Germany had to “take the initiative”. The French president will be received on Monday in Berlin with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who adopted a rather conciliatory tone towards London. As stipulated in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which has never been used so far, to engage its withdrawal, the United Kingdom shall notify the European Council consists of the heads of state and government, his intention to leave The union. Friday, Boris Johnson had estimated that the output of the EU should be “no rush” while David Cameron announced that she had to wait for the appointment of his successor early October.

it is in this sensitive context that the US Secretary of State John Kerry will travel on Monday in London. He said the United States would like to see the UK “in a different direction,” Sunday in Rome. Economically, “it would be stupid not to expect more volatility and depressed markets,” Erik Nielsen estimated Sunday, chief economist at UniCredit. In this sequence of deep doubt for the Old Continent, thirty personalities of culture, civil society and politics called “reinventing Europe” in an article published by seven European newspapers. Europeans must “face considerable collective challenges,” write the signatories, including former European Commissioner and former French Minister Michel Barnier, former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer and Italian writer Roberto Saviano.


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