Saturday, June 25, 2016

The headquarters of the CGT in Montreuil vandalized in the night – The Point

The headquarters of the CGT was vandalized on the night of Friday to Saturday, an act of “intolerable” condemned by the government, which came two days after the damage to the CFDT and in crisis around the labor law. Doors and windows broken, hooded individuals: the secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, came himself to see the damage Saturday morning and watched the recordings of surveillance cameras

“It was. is fast enough. hooded individuals with backpacks crossed the barriers and typed, bound with beefy objects on doors and windows, “he reported Agence France-Presse. However, people hooded could not enter inside the sturdy building. “There are many doors to cross to go to headquarters. They broke the first, the windows on the sides, but they could not enter because there is a system that fires,” added Philippe Martinez whose central is in the forefront in mobilizing against the labor law since March alongside FO, Solidaires, FSU, LDIFs, UNEF and UNL.

“Find a social peaceful climate”

“the worst has been avoided,” he told the Secretary-General, ensuring that the seat has so far never been a victim of violence of “this magnitude.” Prime Minister Manuel Valls has responded on his Twitter account a “strong condemnation of vandalism against the headquarters of the CGT.” “Nothing can justify these attacks against the actors of social democracy,” he wrote. For his part, Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of Interior, “asked that all means are implemented to find the perpetrators and put them at the disposal of justice” and the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri expressed its “solidarity” with the militants after an act of “intolerable”.

the Paris police headquarters said that “individuals with hidden face climbed the gates of the site before breaking the glass entrance doors “. Police sources, two hooded individuals have crossed the gates, armed with hammers, Friday at 23 h 30. They broke windows seven to eight before being chased away by security guards. “There is video surveillance, but they will be very difficult to identify because of the balaclavas. It looks like a rematch after breaking the CFDT,” according to police sources, that evoke people “obviously well organized.” The investigation was entrusted to the police station of Montreuil.

“No surprise”

The CFDT, which itself supports the project of the government, also saw its headquarters vandalized in night from Thursday to Friday at a wild event where a hundred people smashed windows and inscribed on the front: “It’s over to betray.” After these impairments condemned by all unions, including the CGT, Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, was received Friday by the Minister of the Interior. This act of vandalism was “unfortunately not a surprise,” Laurent Berger said Saturday, adding that “in recent weeks, in business, our activists were concerned, insulted. Local Bethune, Limoges, Toulouse were either overgrown or degraded “.

the Paris police headquarters said that “increased vigilance instructions” were given to the police for local trade unions. Saturday, FSU brought his “support” to the CGT and felt it was “high time to find a peaceful climate.” “For three months, the government remains deaf to the claims that are expressed on the labor law. The social climate continues to deteriorate. In response, the government has a responsibility to put the dialogue in the heart of the democratic life of our country, “called the FSU in a statement.

the CGT said in a statement that” verbal abuse and insults “against it” also contribute to maintaining this poisonous atmosphere. ” The first trade union organization of the country had found itself at the center of government critics, after the violence occurred during a demonstration in Paris against the labor law June 14 Manuel Valls denounced its “ambiguity” face the breakers.


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