Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brexit: survey gives the camp the “in” winning 52% – Le Figaro

A YouGov survey published this Thursday night at the close of polls gives the camp of keeping the United Kingdom in the European Union ahead of the referendum. The camp “In” would win with 52% against 48% for the camp “Out”, as estimated by YouGov for Sky News.

The YouGov survey is not a conventional survey conducted exit polls but was conducted online in the day on a representative sample and pre-selected voters who had been asked about their voting intentions and agreed to say what form they had put in the urn. The results should be announced by most of the 382 constituencies between 00:00 and 3:00 GMT Friday. The final official results should be proclaimed that Friday morning.

Participation in contrast, one of the keys of the vote could be known from 23:30 in France. In September 2014, during the self-determination referendum in Scotland, YouGov had done the same and given a pretty close estimate of the final result

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