Monday, June 27, 2016

labor law: a new tense week – Le Figaro

Tuesday, the Senate must pass a version of the work Bill hardened by the right, while the opposite unions to reform launched an eleventh call for demonstrations throughout France.

New social week high stakes, in a tense atmosphere. The day Tuesday promises to be particularly intense: the Senate must vote on first reading a version of the work Bill made more liberal, while the unions opposed to the reform launched an eleventh call for demonstrations throughout France.

El Khomri bill was seriously hardened right during its consideration in the Senate, where it has a majority. Its leaders did not hide that this version could provide a basis for a new text in the event of political change. The Upper House blew the lock on the legal duration of 35 hours, removed the minimum threshold of 24 hours for the part-time and the generalization of the young warranty. Senators also have emptied of its substance the personal account activity and restored the cap prud’homales allowances. The Senate version, however, should be unraveled by MPs at second reading, from July 5.

Nevertheless, the unions opposed to the labor law continues to require its withdrawal. They hope that strikes and demonstrations planned Tuesday will flex Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls, who want to go “to the end”. The parade route to Paris is still pending. The previous June 23, was nearly canceled after the violence of June 14, before being stationed around Bastille. Unions also have hand Tuesday at the Elysee the results of a citizen referendum.

In this context lock, the atmosphere is deleterious. The headquarters of the CGT was vandalized on the night of Friday to Saturday, after that of the CFDT, which supports the labor law, the day before. “It’s been a while since the climate is unhealthy,” admitted Philippe Martinez, the secretary general of the CGT, whose organization Manuel Valls criticized the ambiguity facing the breakers.

Meanwhile, Laurent Berger, the leader of the CFDT, said that in recent weeks militants are “worried” and “insulted” in companies while local province in union been “invaded” or “degraded”.


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