Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New threats to Charlie Hebdo – The Huffington Post

An investigation for “death threats” was opened discreetly, by the Paris prosecutor, June 22, reveals Le Parisien in its edition of June 29, 2016 after the publication of several messages on the Facebook page of the satirical newspaper. Messages, described as “threatening”, suggesting that several members of the editorial would be, again, targeted.

The authors of these messages, posted on the official Facebook page of “Charlie Hebdo” -and since- withdrawn clearly mentioned to want to physically attack journalists of the satirical weekly. “There is in particular a question of killing, again, several members of the editorial,” continues the same source in Paris.

There is something particularly terrifying, there is something of particularly atrocious.

Although it must be careful and wait for the results of the judicial inquiry which should start soon, we can not help thinking that the obscurantist cracked the fanatical ideologues freaks, the bloodthirsty, the misfits and fanatics, want, want to continue to murder journalists.

Charlie Hebdo is a symbol, we know. Because his writing had been assassinated in January 2015 and beheaded.

In short, Charlie Hebdo, was everything he hated: a strand of insolence, the darling freedom, the Word, questioning, investigating, denouncing abuses and malpractices , crime, corruption, fanaticism. Charlie asked, bullied sometimes, but was pointing inconsistencies, follies and lies. Charlie Hebdo was talking to the world and because he spoke, it was to silence him for good.

It seems, in these circumstances, it is not enough for the barbarians that many journalists have been murdered since left. It is not enough that the title was in flames and bullets, so we want to still threaten the editors.

Beyond Charlie Hebdo and recent threats he is still the focus, these are all free journalists who are threatened. These are all the feathers you want to break, they are all the voices you want to permanently silence. These are all loving breaths of freedom, equality and brotherhood that we want to destroy, we want to silence and / or post forever.

There nothing more beautiful, bigger, more noble when a journalist told the truth when his breath questions the world, when his pen, he likes to disturb the powerful and down the walls.

when Charlie Hebdo is threatened when journalists are threatened, it is all of us who are. More than ever, proclaim with one voice this time we are all journalists who all want to remain free men

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