Friday, June 24, 2016

Labor law: the unions want to scroll Nation Tuesday at Place d’Italie – Les Echos

The unions opposed the labor law have asked the Paris police prefecture can manifest Nation Tuesday at Place d’Italie and threaten to continue mobilizing in July if the government is “deaf” to their claims.

“for now, we have no authority, neither written nor verbal. Appointment was made Monday morning with the prefecture to get an answer to this demand, “, said Friday AFP Pascal Joly, Secretary General of the Regional Union Ile-de-France CGT.

citizen Voting

If approved, the procession would leave Tuesday to 14 hours to appeal the CGT, Solidaires, FSU, the UNEF, the UNL and LDIFs. The event will coincide with the vote labor bill in the Senate. The unions want to take the opportunity to provide the executive the results of the citizen voting they organized the project.

The organization of the previous show, 23, had given place in a standoff with the government. It was nearly banned, executive highlighting security reasons after the violence that occurred on June 14

Receipts Wednesday by the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, Philippe Martinez general secretary of the CGT, and Jean-Claude Mailly, leader of FO, said he had given their agreement in principle for a demonstration in Paris on June 28

such contempt is unspeakable

Thursday, opponents of the labor law had to settle for a course short of 1.6 km starting from Bastille and retracing the famous after a loop along the Bassin de l’Arsenal. The event, framed by the very police force, took place in an unusually quiet since the beginning of the mobilization in March. Bernard Cazeneuve welcomed the “optimum conditions” in which the event took place just hours before the damage against the headquarters of the CFDT, the mainstay of the labor law, persons involved in unauthorized demonstrations.

the headquarters of the CFDT attacked

a hundred people parties unauthorized demonstration in northern Paris on Thursday downgraded the front seat of the reformist trade union CFDT. In red letters, they put on the façade. “It’s over betraying”

On Twitter, the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, wrote: “Our premises in Paris just been ransacked by masked individuals. This violent attack is a direct blow to democracy. ” “Stop the selective indignation, these attacks should be condemned! Some advocate violence, CFDT always defend the debate! “He added in a second message on the social network.

At 22 pm, nine people were arrested during the rally.

the seven unions threaten to continue their mobilization during the parliamentary debate in July, if the government “remains deaf” to their claims. “the president of Republic still refuses to hear the union movement and the 70% of French-es-es opposed to the bill work. Such contempt is unspeakable “, they wrote in a joint statement after a meeting held Friday morning at the headquarters of the CGT in Montreuil. ” The government has the responsibility full to find a solution to this crisis. If the government remains deaf, “the seven organizations’ call to continue mobilizing for parliamentary debate in early July” , they added.

Opponents of the law work consider it to be sufficiently protective for employees and demand the removal of items component “spine” text: primacy of the company agreement on the branch (inversion of the hierarchy of standards according to them), redundancy, enterprise referendum, development agreement and occupational medicine

Source AFP

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