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Work anti-demonstration: how Valls has lost face – Le Parisien

THE FACT OF THE DAY. Supporter of a ban on the planned demonstration today in Paris after the unions, the Prime Minister has had to backtrack. A mess that will leave traces.

M anual Valls has to hope that there are … many demonstrators ! In case of overcrowding on Thursday afternoon Bastille Square, opponents of the Labour bill will be blocked and forced to tread water. And the Prime Minister, who dreamed of a “static gathering” and save face. Strange for the head of government, which was ultimately not put its ban threatens to manifest execution. . Even give a floating feeling

And yet, on Tuesday night, when the tenors of the majority met with Francois Hollande at the Elysee Palace, all are agreed: “We will not yield to unions on the course. “Valls preferred to dry the working dinner to spend the Music Festival with his wife, violinist Anne Gravoin, time for a concert of Nolwenn Leroy in the gardens of Matignon. But the prime minister has already given the. The courses offered by the CGT and FO? “Too long,” ruled the prime minister, in favor of a static assembly or nothing. And even if, for three days, Bernard Cazeneuve attempts to wrest a compromise with Martinez (CGT) and Mailly (FO). No way to relive the scenes of “guerrilla” previous nine shows. The haunting Valls: “An irreparable tragedy,” glide Elyos advisor. Clearly, a burr.

Despite the threats, unions yet refuse to bend. Finally, on Wednesday morning, the police prefect of Paris, Michel Cadot, who finds himself sent to the front by the executive. “There is no other choice but to prohibit the demonstration” endorses the official said. In fact, the press release was prepared with the consent of Beauvau and Matignon. “It was even read by the president,” says a close to the Elysee. But neither Valls nor Cazeneuve nor Hollande publicly assumed.

“You see us handcuff Martinez? “

And because it’s hysteria. Jean-Luc Mélenchon slingers to the PS, all are unleashed against “an attack on democracy.” Even more conciliatory, as the CFDT and CFE-CGC, expressed their anger. The situation is tricky for all stakeholders. Valls is considered a quasi-dictator. In the ranks of government, one shudders in advance: “You see us handcuff Philippe Martinez and Jean-Claude Mailly? “Slips a consultant. And, above union leadeurs, hang the specter of violence in cases of wild event. So they try the all out. Shortly before the Council of Ministers yesterday morning, the laptop sounds Cazeneuve. “The unions want to see me,” he transmits to Holland and Valls. In the process, the interior minister puts their hands Market 1.6 km between Place de la Bastille … and the Place de la Bastille. A demonstration in circles. “In round statically,” quips Mélenchon. Matignon will even calculate the distance around the Bassin de l’Arsenal, “two times 800 meters.” “Everyone wins: Valls because it’s a bit static, the unions because it’s a little scrolling” quips the government adviser

Of course, there will be no. long procession as that of 14 June in Paris, in which the windows of the Necker hospital had been broken. But after the dithering of a ban imposed at 9 am and canceled 13 hours, the credibility of Valls takes a hit. True to its reputation of strong man, he is the first to have nuclear weapons unsheathed the ban on demonstrations. Nicolas Sarkozy had also beautiful game of ridicule: “We do not understand anything. “As if this amateur bull was caught at his own game, according to an Elysée adviser who knows the” Valls Catalan wanted the tail and ears, he only got the muzzle. .. “

The relief of deputies PS

 A quack? What a quack? Officially, for the majority of PS deputies, there was no reversal or standoff Wednesday in the government between the line of Manuel Valls and the Bernard Cazeneuve about the union demonstration finally authorized on a mini-course . “What counts is the final decision even if one may ask about the pileup orchestrated by some Socialist colleagues who forget that the right to security and policing are also left values ! “Judge Francis Brottes, MP of the Drôme. The possible ban on demonstrations had put many evil socialist comfortable and Wednesday, except slingers, relief was required. So there he was bungling? ” But no ! It is a game of unbearable role of the CGT. With Martinez, everything showdown ‘says environmentalist François de Rugy, close to the government. “Valls became the target of all sputum, irritated an elected PS. There is a stunning reversal of responsibilities, as if the Prime Minister was responsible for the violence surrounding protests! “” If he hardens his position is that he knows that François Hollande, faced with a question to be decided, is quick to decide nothing … “rating, acid, vallsiste MP. For the Left Front, the about-face is a “disavowal Valls and his diehard online.” Referring to the “shameful” decision would have been the prohibition of the event, the Communist André Chassaigne indignant “that such violation of freedoms could be considered.” “Who can believe that trade union rights are violated when many events have already taken place?” Said Valls, the eye on his notes to avoid that word too rekindle the embers.

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