Monday, June 20, 2016

Paris – Labor Law: new standoff around the Paris demonstration – L’Express

The Inter Ile-de-France (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, Fidl and UNL) sent late last week a formal request to protest Thursday between Bastille and Nation from 14 hours as part of a day of action across France.

On Monday, the Paris police prefecture has asked them to organize a “ static rally ” instead of the nation rather than a parade, to “ better supervision and better secure the event and to ensure that there is less damage . ”

But unions continued their parade application at the prefecture, which has again invited to “ agree on a static gathering “, otherwise it “ would be obliged to prohibit “event.

In a letter to a number of CGT Philippe Martinez, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve found that a procession to Paris “ did not seem possible .”

The seven unions responded to Mr Cazeneuve in the early evening by requesting it “ make another manifestation proposal guaranteeing the security of all .” They dismiss a static gathering that would, according to them, “ much more dangerous .”

I’m not sure a union + + fan zone on the [Square] Nation is more secure than a manifestation “, argued the secretary general FO Jean-Claude Mailly on Canal +, saying “ ready to discuss the path ” with the authorities.

Since the beginning of the challenge to the law reforming the labor law early March protests were often interspersed with violence in Paris, as well as Nantes and Rennes.

On June 14, the day of a national event, first of its kind, violence is rising a notch in the capital, with significant damage along the procession: 28 commercial establishments windows were broken and the hospital Necker Children has been targeted. Twenty-eight police officers were injured, two of whom were hospitalized, said Mr. Cazeneuve in his letter to the CGT.

According to the Interior Minister, the event, “ for the first time, clearly highlighted the involvement of some union activists to deliberate aggression forces “.

– Events regions –

The day of 14, Francois Hollande warned that there would be no permission to demonstrate if the preservation of “ goods and people “could not be” guarantee . ” Manuel Valls pointed to the “ responsibility ” of the CGT, criticizing his attitude “ ambiguous ” vis-à-vis the rioters and Sunday, he again felt that “ organizers should cancel themselves these gatherings .”

These remarks sparked an outcry from trade unions and part of the left. The CGT denounced accusations “ unacceptable ‘,’ sign of a beleaguered government .” The union “ bears no responsibility for what happens in the margins of events “, emphasized Philippe Martinez, who questioned orders of non-intervention which would be given to the police.

Manuel Valls behaves arsonist ,” said Jean-Claude Mailly.

Even Laurent Berger, leader of the CFDT, which supports the Labor Law, believes that banning of protest is “ not at all desirable .”

Before any possible ban online petition titled “ I do not abide by the ban on demonstrations ” was launched last week by Jean-François Tealdi Councillor PCF -FG of Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes). Monday it posted 120,000 signatures.

The Communist Party called in a statement for “ participate in mobilizations ” and “ extend solidarity with the movement .”

However, the government has received the support of the opposition, the Republican party calling for the “ ban ” of the event.

Many events are already planned elsewhere in France on Thursday with no blackout threats.

Work Bill is currently before the Senate. The formal vote is to be held on June 29, the day after a new day.


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