Thursday, June 30, 2016

Paris attacks: DNA landlord on an explosive vest – Le Figaro

DNA Jawad Bendaoud, “landlord” of jihadist-related attacks of November 13, was found on the component of an explosive vest used by a suicide bomber in the assault of the police against “the apartment conspiratorial “Saint-Denis, did on Thursday judicial source.

His DNA was found on duct tape that was used to connect electrical son in the push button this explosive vest, a-t- it said, confirming a report of TF1. The DNA Abdelhamid Abaaoud, alleged operational chief of the attacks, and the jihadist who blew himself up in the assault of the police against the apartment of Saint-Denis, was also found on this tape , it is added. “It is impossible to draw conclusions,” stresses however that judicial source.

Lawyer Jawad Bendaoud was not immediately available.

According to TF1, the young man justified the presence of his DNA on that tape explaining that he was already home. “He categorically denied having helped the two suicide bombers to prepare explosive vest,” added the chain. Jawad Bendaoud was indicted on November 24 as part of the investigation into the attacks that killed 130 people on November 13 in Paris and Saint-Denis. He provided “against remuneration” housing of Saint-Denis where Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged operational chief of the attacks, and another jihadist Chakib Akrouh, had sought refuge.

He “was appropriate illegally this property that served as his usual way to slumlord activities “, had then said the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins. Just before being arrested Jawad Bendaoud had told a television channel wanting to help, unaware of the identity of two people from Belgium. But François Molins, Jawad Bendaoud could not doubt “that he was involved knowingly in a terrorist organization”.


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