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Death of Robert Boulin why the murder theory was revived – The Express

On October 30, 1979 morning, Robert Boulin is found dead, face immersed in 50 cm of water in a pond of the forest of Rambouillet, near Paris. The family of the former Minister of Labour of the Government of Raymond Barre is convinced that this is a murder. Yet in 1991, and again in 2007, the court will enter a suicide by drowning, after absorption of barbiturates. Since last September, the relatives of Robert Boulin have yet managed to reopen the investigation by an investigating judge, to “arrest, kidnapping followed by death or murder”.

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On the fifteen witnesses Fabienne, daughter of the former minister, was able to convince to tell that they lived at the time, some have already been heard by the magistrate Aude Montrieux. As reported on 20 Minutes and France Inter, both of them strongly support the view of an assassination of Robert Boulin. Other evidence, including made by Fabienne Boulin could also reinforce this theory.

The first doctor arrived at the scene, never auditioned

This is one of the major elements of Tuesday’s revelations. The emergency doctor, now in his seventies, who visited on the first place of death of Robert Boulin, had never been interviewed by investigators. “He was in the water, but not in the position of a drowned,” said the man in his hearing on January 19, that have been able to get the two media. “It looked like he had been placed dead in the water (…) He had bruises on his face, scratches …” said the old doctor. He says that the minister did not face in the water and for him, the traces that Robert Boulin door in the back could “match those shots.”

But why did testify that 36 years after the fact? “We have been ostracized immediately. Obviously, we were not welcome,” said the doctor to the magistrate.

A policeman has doubts about the origin of the blue

The investigators, who found the body of Robert Boulin, which included Francis Deswarte have noted “traces on the face”, but he has doubts about the work of his colleagues. They “told me that firefighters had brought down the body in the outgoing of the pond. But it is not true. Firefighters took him out without any difficulty,” explained in 2011 the former head of the gendarmerie .

He also refutes the thesis him from drowning According to him, Robert Boulin was found “head above water.”

Robert Boulin The lungs have disappeared

For the daughter of former Minister of evidence that could prove the assassination of his father in 1979 , disappeared. “When the then magistrate asked investigators to examine the lungs of my father, to determine if it was or was not drowned, they were gone, she told L’Express. I was told they had been thrown to the vacuum to clean the place where the evidence was stored … “

other its organs removed at autopsy as his tongue and larynx have also disappeared after they sealed.

Multiple versions on the time of discovery of the body

Depending on the time of investigation report, Robert Boulin was found dead on October 30 at 8:40. Her daughter, however notes that in his memoirs, the former prime minister was accused of death “around 3am.” “I learned by example by reading the memoirs of Raymond Barre, and collecting testimonies of the members of my father’s office, his body was found after midnight. But officially, it was not discovered until the next day morning, “said Fabienne Boulin in L’Express.

A witness said he saw Robert Boulin yesterday with two unknown

He is the second witness whose recent statements before the investigating judge brought great noise. The man, whose identity was not disclosed, says October 29, 1979, he saw Robert Boulin, sitting in the passenger seat of a Peugeot 305, in the company of two men, a few kilometers from the pond where it will be found dead. These two strangers have never manifested with justice. “These were not relaxed and cheerful people. They had quite closed faces,” said the witness, facing the magistrate last December.

Suicide supported by letters, but without DNA analysis

A posthumous letter, allegedly written by Robert Boulin for his family, was found after death. “I prefer death to suspicion, yet the truth is clear,” said the letter, which included the header of the Ministry of Labour. A dozen other similar letters were sent to those around him. The family of former Minister asks for years DNA analysis stamps, to be sure that it is Robert Boulin who stuck them in vain.

His daughter believes he had information that could jeopardize leaders of the Gaullist party. “I am determined to make the truth of what I consider to be one of the largest business of the Fifth Republic,” she explained to L’Express on Tuesday.

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