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115: more and more homeless families seek emergency shelter – France Info

771 500 emergency housing applications were made last year according to the annual survey of the 115, an increase of 26% compared to 2012. The calls of families and minors Homeless increase, while almost half of the applications are unsuccessful.

This growth, unveiled in 2014 by the barometer 115, can be explained by the higher number of applicants: in all, 97 600 homeless sought the emergency number, or 3,500 more people from last barometer. But the demands are more often renewed: involved, short durations of welcomes, often a single night, and the many negative responses

“Since the beginning of the quinquennium Francois Hollande, the homeless situation has rather deteriorated “

” Since the beginning of the quinquennium Francois Hollande, the situation of homeless people s is rather deteriorated “ deplored Florent Gueguen, Director General of the National Federation of Associations reintegration (Fnars), which makes this barometer.
These requests take place mainly during the winter months” management thermometer “, according Fnars. The rest of the year, people are more confronted with negative responses

“40% of applications are related to families.” – Florent Gueguen micro Celine Asselot

A “disturbing increase” of calls from families and minors

The only men still constitute the majority of applicants, but “we see an increase disturbing the demands of families and minors “, according to Florent Gueguen.

The families now account for 39% of applicants, with calls up sharply (+ 34%). In 2014, 20,600 minors were called the 115, a figure up 18%. Finally, calls single women are also more likely sources with applications up 30%.

On the other hand, a minority of the public (10%) is composed of the working poor, who a job but can not afford housing.

Nearly half of the applications fails

This figure “ huge ” concerns that “part of the territory ” outside Paris, said Florent Gueguen. Only a minority (17%) was systematically hosted, and 34% of applicants have had partial responses.

The main cause of negative responses (77%): the lack of available places. The 115 is placed in a situation of “ Management shortage ” with accommodation strategies of short duration, or tightening of the eligibility criteria.

Also , sorting of applicants is sometimes the availability of seats, as shelters for example, mainly designed for single persons, are not suited to welcoming families, sent in hotels.

In total, when including the calls for applications for benefits (listening, information on accommodation, information on food aid, linking with social worker), nearly 104,000 people have requested it emergency number last year.


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