Friday, July 24, 2015

320 hectares of forest destroyed by fire in Gironde – Le Monde

Nearly 340 hectares of forest were destroyed Friday, July 24 in Gironde at several fires.

Nearly 340 hectares of forest were destroyed Friday, July 24 in Gironde during several fires, the biggest of which still mobilized 180 firefighters evening did was learned from the rescue.

The main fire started around 14 h 30 in the municipality of Saint-Jean d’Illac, 20 km west of Bordeaux where 30 to 22 hours he had destroyed more than 320 hectares of pine forest, helped by the wind, said Lt. Col. Eric Pitault.

The Prefect of the Aquitaine Region and prefect of the Gironde, Pierre Dartout, present on site, told AFP that 40 homes were evacuated in the evening on Saint-Jean-d’Illac and 40 others in the neighboring commune of Pessac, most opting for accommodation with relatives. As a precaution, an area of ​​Travellers had also been evacuated in the afternoon, their 63 families supported by the police and the municipality of Saint-Jean d’Illac. “These are precautionary evacuations, no dwellings were destroyed” , he said.

On Friday afternoon, the situation was described as “unfavorable” by firefighters, because of the relatively young field of dense pine and especially from west-northwest winds of 20 km / h initially, increased to 50 km / h early in the evening and more changing.

Nearly 48 fire trucks were on site the evening, including reinforcements from neighboring departments, Landes, Charente-Maritime, Lot-et-Garonne particular. Four Canadair and Bombardier Dash water from Marignane (Bouches-du-Rhône) was attended by firefighters from 18 hours up to overnight.

The situation was still “unfavorable” and the fire “unfixed” to 22 h 30 Did you explained the departmental operational center for fire and rescue (CODIS), where However there was betting on the fall of the wind and humidity in the second part of the night. The fight against the fire, however, should spill over into Saturday.

The gendarmerie was responsible for the investigation of the origin of the fire, but the speed with which it has grown to early intrigued relief.


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