Saturday, July 25, 2015

Twenty years after the attack, a wreath for the victims in Saint-Michel – Le Figaro

VIDEO – A wreath was placed on the platform of the RER station Saint-Michel in Paris in tribute to victims of the first attack wave of attacks from the Algerian GIA, he committed 20 years ago.

“In this station, July 25, 1995, an act of terrorism has hurt many people, eight victims died” , reads the foot of the wreath placed on the banks of the RER station Saint-Michel in Paris in tribute to victims of the first attack wave of attacks from the Algerian GIA.

Annie Aupeix, 55, Véronique Brocheriou, 26, Maria Isabel Costa Barbosa, 32, Maria Garcia Odette Ferreira, 31, Girier-Dufournier Sandrine, 24, Jean Groll, 57 and Alexandre Hurtaud, 16, were killed that day in the explosion of a gas cylinder in a train RER B. Pierre-Henri Froment, 35, died of his injuries a few months later. Nearly 120 people were injured.

“A deafening noise. A pungent odor. Black smoke. On July 25, 1995, at 5:30 p.m., a gas cylinder which has just exploded in a train of the RER, in this resort near this place, marks the beginning of the bombing campaign in France, claimed by the Algerian GIA ” , said Françoise Rudetzki, founder of SOS Attacks and terrorism now delegated to the National Federation of victims of attacks and collective accidents (Fenvac).

“Today terrorism is part of our major, everyday concerns, “she continued, regretting that” Europe struggles to establish a harmonized policy, that international cooperation is progressing too slowly, that the UN is not able to propose a definition of terrorism. ” “The RATP will never forget this attack she was also a victim,” a “tragedy unfortunately followed by other attacks on the Paris transport network”, for his part said the CEO of the Board, Elizabeth Borne.

One of the authors of this attack of 1995, Khaled Kelkal, become delinquent small radical Islamist was killed by the police on September 29 of that year near Lyon. Boualem Bensaid, whose fingerprints were found on the bomb, is in prison, Smain Ait Ali as Karim Belkacem and Koussa.

Considered the “mastermind” of the attacks, Ali Affect was killed in Algeria in 1997. Considered the financial attacks from London and handed over to a French court in 2005, Rachid Ramda was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2009. One of the perpetrators of Paris last January, Amedy Coulibaly, was convicted in a project Escape from Smain Ait Ali Belkacem in May 2010.


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