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MH370: an aircraft debris found in Reunion stimulus mystery – Le Figaro

Employees in charge of cleaning regained an airplane wing on the eastern shore of the island of Reunion. An investigation must determine whether it is or not a remaining Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines disappeared March 8, 2014.

which aircraft may well come the debris found Wednesday in Reunion? A possible link with the MH370 flight Malaysia Airlines, disappeared March 8, 2014, raises many questions on the island of the Indian Ocean. The wing piece was found Wednesday on the shore of St. Andrew, in the east of the island, by employees of an association in charge of cleaning the shore. It is almost two meters long and one meter wide. The object appears to have spent some time in the water as it is inlaid with seashells. An investigation has been assigned to the Brigade of the Gendarmerie Air Transport (GED) to determine its origin.

No track is currently favored by investigators who must first determine what type of device that could have belonged debris. “When we have done, it will be possible to determine the company,” say sources close to the investigation told AFP. According to American sources quoted by AP, “debris in the pictures belong to the same type of aircraft as the flight disappeared from Malaysia.” This would be a wing piece “unique Boeing 777″ which is the same device as the flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines.

“I sent a team to investigate,” said, for his part, the Malaysian Minister of Transport Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai to the press on the sidelines of a debate of the UN Security Council in New York. “You have to check the debris before it can confirm.”

The unit, out of Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board, had disappeared one hour after takeoff. The disappearance of flight MH370 is one of the greatest enigmas in the history of civil aviation.

On a dedicated website, a French expert, Xavier Tytelman, evokes “incredible similarities between the flaperon of a Boeing 777 and the debris found” – in support scheme. “Given the leading edge, this is neither a shift nor a wing, but a box flaps of an airliner. The flap is the rear part of a wing, “he explains. The debris also carries the BB670 reference. “This code does not correspond to the registration of an airplane, or the serial number of a device, he wrote. By cons, if it belongs to the flaperon MH370, then it is clear that this reference will be identified quickly. In a few days we will have a definitive answer. “

This wing could also belong to other aircraft lost at sea in the region. In May 2006, a twin-engine had crashed into the sea near Pierrefonds airport. Three people died. The cabin of the Piper Aztec, had never been found by authorities. ette wing could also belong to an A310 of Yemenia Airways, which had crashed off Comoros in June 2009. 153 people were killed.

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