Friday, July 24, 2015

Autism: the State convicted of “deficiencies” of support – Le Figaro

The state is to pay 240,000 euros to seven families of autistic children, failing to have in school. The Secretary of State for Disability admits the “historical backwardness” of France in this field.

240 000 euros. This is the amount determined by seven families against the state because of “deficiencies” of support for their autistic children. The government did not appeal: Ségolène Neuville, Secretary of State for Disabled Persons recognizes the “historical backwardness” France has taken on this. This delay had already been singled out in February 2014 by the Council of Europe. The institution accused Paris of neglecting the education of autistic.

This is a victory for M’Hammed Sajidi, president of the association Overcoming Autism, who accompanied the families in that legal battle, alongside Sarah Master Febrinon-Piguet, counsel for families. Mr. Sajidi deplores the state’s inability to understand the harmful consequences of autism, at all levels. “The problem Autism is a vicious circle for families. They face a lack of diagnosis because doctors are not trained. Suddenly, the children’s health is deteriorating and families are alone to face it. This results in 80% of cases of marital problems, often resulting in a separation. One parent, usually the mother, is alone and stop his professional activity. The precarious is the last step of the process. ”

The association denounces another consequence: the removal of the children. Historically, children with autism are often treated in Belgium. Border country most able to deal with cases of autism characterized by behavioral disorders, Belgium is ahead of educational methods.

However, the third autism plan initiated in 2013 and destined to last until 2017, has as a priority the improvement of the management of the disease. The investment of 205 million euros aims to improve existing structures and develop specialized services in order to support children in mainstream schools. Emphasis is also placed on the continuing education of doctors, educators, psychologists, and even parents. No less than 1.3 million euros for the training of these. “It is essential, says one to the ministry. The more form parents, most children progress. ”

If this group procedure is the first of its kind, other procedures will probably follow. “We now support 40 families and hope to be up to 200 or even 500,” replies Mr. Sajidi, determined to see things moving.

Autism, recognized in 1996 by the law Chossy now affect 1% of children. However it is impossible to give a more precise figure. Cohort studies begin barely twenty years later. “We come back from far away,” we recognize the State Secretariat.


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