Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Starting plane at Radio France: Mathieu Gallet ready to consider the alternative scenario of trade unions – The World

In a recording studio in the Maison de la Radio in Paris on 16 April 2015.

It’s a tense central works council held, Tuesday, July 21, at Radio France. Mathieu Gallet, initially presented its strategic directions for 2015-2019 and a “business plan” based on the assumption of some 350 voluntary redundancies (out of about 4,400 jobs).

This scenario is already at the heart of the great strike of spring, was presented by the CEO of Radio France, as the inevitable consequence of the application of the state of a return to balance accounts from 2017. Meanwhile, unions have put on the table an alternative scenario, developed by a firm of expertise that favors the non-replacement of a portion of retirements, with a return to balance carried forward to 2018.

In a joint statement, they asked the directors of Radio France – with its funding ministries – who meet Thursday board “to study the hypothesis of a return to balance in 2018 without plane departures. “ and stressed that the social climate in the group made ” unrealistic implementation “ of such a plan.

“The elected (s) CCE will not accept the employment level required for the operation of Radio France and its duties be sacrificed on the altar of an accounting and narrow vision harmful “, have concluded.

The Department of Culture, one of two supervisory bodies with Radio France Bercy, said for his part that he was open to a alternative scenario to a redundancy plan.

When contacted by AFP, he also assured not to have claimed to Mathieu Gallet a redundancy plan of this magnitude and the return to balance in 2017 n was not intangible.

“This is a horizon, not a taboo, and the Ministry will listen to the proposal of Mathieu Gallet. If there are alternative proposals, it may well be considered “, the ministry explained, recalling that Fleur Pellerin had always wished that ” employment is not the only variable adjustment “.

On Tuesday night, Mathieu Gallet finally announced in a brief statement that it would consider alternative proposals of trade unions and that the CA would look on it on Thursday.

“Another scenario of return to equilibrium was presented today (Tuesday) by the expert from CEC, he opened a track that deserves further study. The issue will be discussed with Directors at the next Board of Directors Thursday, July 23 “, the statement of management. An opening which unions have taken note.

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