Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Drama on the GR20: the corpse of a sixth hiker found – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The results of this accident, which occurred on June 10 in the Corsican mountains, now stands at six dead and one missing

The research had been suspended pending the melting of the last snow. Tuesday morning they were able to return in the circus I Cascittoni, also called “Circus of loneliness.” It was here that took place on June 10 a tragic accident caused by a landslide after a violent storm. On this portion of the GR20, about 2000 meters above the village of Asco (Haute-Corse), the gendarmes found a human body “in a high state of decomposition,” said Tuesday Nicolas Bessone, prosecutor in Bastia.

The body was taken to the morgue of the Bastia hospital for autopsy and undergo DNA samples. This is probably one of the last two missing from Montpellier and Nancy. Bones were also found near the corpse by the military of high mountain Gendarmerie Platoon (PGHM). They will also be analyzed.

Searches stopped several times

The bodies of three French and one Belgian had been found shortly after the accident, at major research-led operations PGHM mountain and the Group of firefighters Haute-Corse (GMSP / 2B). A week later, on June 18, fifth body, that of a man from the Paris region, had been discovered. Man aged 62 was driving alone on the hiking trail and had not been reported missing immediately after the accident.

The research, which had to be interrupted several times due to bad time will now focus in the canyon circus background. This area has been closed to hikers until late summer. However, they can take an alternative route, longer but less technical, which was opened by the Regional Natural Park of Corsica.

One of the most serious hiking accident in Corsica

A judicial investigation is underway to find out the circumstances of this tragedy that has developed to more than 1,500 meters above sea level on one of the most difficult sections of the road that crosses the entire island of Beauty by the highest peaks. Shortly after 15 pm, June 10, the center of relief Bastia received a distress call. Hikers were then near a river in flood. They were swept away by landslides and rockfalls, consequences of severe thunderstorms on the massif of Monte Cinto, the highest mountain of Corsica to 2706 meters.

This drama is one of the most serious since thirties who mourns the Corsican mountains, with more than 110 peaks over 2,000 meters. Each year thousands of hikers from around the world, often inexperienced, travel the famous GR20 to be one of the most challenging hiking routes in Europe.

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