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Crisis ranchers. Direct. Holland requires an effort on prices – Ouest-France

This Thursday is the fourth day of the movement led by farmers. Yesterday, Stéphane Le Foll, the Minister of Agriculture, a detailed emergency plan of 600 million euros, which includes 24 measures to immediately help by breeder price crisis and massive debt but also to support to sustain their activities.

The dams installed by breeders around Caen since Monday began to be lifted Wednesday after the plan was announced but new blockages fell into place in the center and east. The President Hollande is expected this Thursday in Dijon

10 h 45. Price. “The slaughterers and processors who are accountable “, said Holland

The supermarkets must produce ” the indispensable effort “ and slaughterers and processors must ” accountable “ to lead to higher prices for meat and milk, Francois Hollande warned Thursday after the presentation of the emergency government plan for breeding.

“We must act on what the subject, that is to say, the price of milk as well as meat, and I think to all productions, porcine, bovine, and others. There is also the decisions that have been taken and which will now be translated because we want there to be not only the distribution that make the necessary effort to compensate producers but also slaughterers and processors who must report Accounts of what is involved in the sector “, said François Hollande, head of state during a trip to Dijon.

10 h 30. The road-Pontivy Loudéac (RD700) is always crowded with goods

Wednesday, farmers Brittany Centre emptied heavyweight on RD700 towards Pontivy. Goods still clutter the road. In the sense Pontivy-Loudeac, there are still food on one of two routes Thursday morning. Drivers are advised to exercise caution.

In the Pontivy-Loudeac sense, we still find food on one of two routes Thursday morning. Drivers are advised to exercise caution.
In the sense Pontivy-Loudeac, there are still food on one of two routes Thursday morning. Drivers are advised to exercise caution. | Ouest-France

10 h 20. The two access roads from Mont Saint-Michel being blocked

Breeders have begun to block again Thursday morning access to the Mont Saint-Michel, they had released the night after the announcement of a government emergency aid, announced the prefecture of the Channel.

Of the two roads that give access to attractions the RD976 fully blocked by a dozen tractors and RD275 “blocking current” , according to the prefecture <. / span>

This new blockage is due to a dozen tractors. It would be a spontaneous action no union seems not control at this time.

9 h 50. The bridge Morlaix still blocked

A Morlaix, dozens of farmers, dissatisfied with the measures announced, kept blocking the road bridge last night. Thursday morning they still blocking the bridge of Morlaix. And breeders seem to decide to stay there at least until noon.

The National Highway 12 is blocked to traffic around Morlaix. Differences are in place.

9 am 45. Bruno Le Maire (The Republicans) wants to strengthen the “contractualization”

The MP Bruno Le Maire (The Republicans, LR) asked the government to bring together farmers and industry to set up the “contractualization” and fosters the creation ” of producer organizations’ to weigh in negotiations.

“We must concretely as producer organizations may be created to empower producers so that the balance of power can be installed “ as part of a contractual said Bruno Le Maire called Thursday morning to RMC and BFM TV.

The former Minister of Agriculture found that the “a few steps began to be taken” going in the right direction, even if they are “late” . “I ask for a rescheduling of loans for young farmers, I ask more cash” , said Bruno Le Maire.

Regarding the supply of school canteens meat 100% French Bruno Le Maire supports the idea. But according to him, “it’s complicated to implement and requires a European authorization” . Mr Le Maire therefore calls for a “meeting of all European Ministers for Agriculture to get the green light to supply 100% in all catering places in French products, to pull the price French products upwards. “

9 am 30. Traffic complicated Thursday morning in Upper Normandy

The blockages of bridges of Normandy, Tancarville and Brotonne continue Thursday morning. Seine-Maritime prefecture announced several measures including restriction of movement for lorries of over 7.5 t

Several routes are forbidden. View the complete list

8 h 40. New moves to provide “within two or three days”

The FNSEA President Xavier Beulin announced Thursday morning that farmers were preparing to “new movements within two or three days to come” to protest against price impairment of their productions. “I call for the weighting on the ground as we did yesterday, but this anger must be expressed” , justified Xavier Beulin on Europe 1, while the outskirts of Lyon are blocked by tractors.

The head of the first agricultural union of France warned against more specific actions aimed at “operators are struggling to play the game” .

“We will put some pressure on manufacturers and some retailers who are struggling to implement the price increases” Did he warned.

“It is clear that our message, this is not to annoy people who go on vacation” he said. “We’re not here to hinder our citizens even at this moment, I rather feel that they are listening and understand the plight of farmers. “

8 h 30. waste was dumped in front of the dairy Herbignac (44)

A thirty ‘farmers in the Guérande peninsula met early Thursday morning, before the site Colarena in Herbignac. Came with their tractor and trailer, farmers dumped waste (soil, tires, tree stumps …) before the company access barriers, forcing the milk collection trucks to stay in . Inside

Farmers could also occupy three other dairies in Loire-Atlantique Thursday morning: Ancenis, Bouvron and Saint-Père-en-Retz.

8 h 20. An open lane on the Bridge of Normandy, Tancarville blocked

 Traffic on the Normandy Bridge (linking Le Havre to Honfleur) is reopened on a lane in each direction
Traffic on the Normandy Bridge (linking Le Havre to Honfleur) is reopened on a lane in each direction | Archives Ouest-France

According to the PIRC (Regional Information Centre and traffic coordination) West traffic on the Normandy Bridge (linking Le Havre to Honfleur) is reopened on a lane in each direction. However, the Tancarville bridge is blocked in both directions.

8 h 05. Valls asked industrialists to make an effort on beef

“We must, and it is my call again, it is essential that prices rise in beef sectors. Let everyone take responsibility, including slaughterers and industry “, said Manuel Valls, Prime Minister, on RTL.

He also announced that the state would renegotiate “All contracts” for a “generalization of local procurement” in state canteens.

8 h. In the Channel, possible actions Thursday night

Last night in Saint-Lô, heated debates were held between unions and protesters. The first proposed new actions on Monday or Tuesday. But breeders have rejected the idea. After long discussions, the idea of ​​advance these actions Thursday night was retained. They could head for the food processing plants.

7 pm. Francois Hollande waited in Dijon Thursday morning

Francois Hollande is awaited for Thursday morning in Dijon, where he will defend in the face of a responsible agricultural aid to farmers emergency plan that fails to convince as demonstrated by the persistence of roadblocks and other actions protestation.Cette meeting, which was initially added to a movement devoted to viticulture, will be held at 9:00 at the prefecture.

6 h 45. The main entrances are blocked in Lyon on Thursday morning

According to the Regional Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FRSEA), about 150 tractors North block access Lyon on Highway A6 up to Limonest in the Rhône (two-way traffic).

In the East, the A42 is cut in the direction penetrating through about 60 tractors up to Beynost Ain.

Finally, a hundred tractors block access to South Lyon, on the A7 up to Solaize. They would plan to stay all day Thursday. Traffic monitoring has set up traffic diversions.

In the South, about 200 farmers, including sixty came to tractors were first Sodiaal targeted a dairy in Vienna early Thursday morning, before which they spilled manure and pneus.D’autres actions are planned Thursday in the Central East, including Clermont-Ferrand where breeders must also block the main entry points of the city.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday

In Deux-Sèvres , p everal dozen farmers dumped manure, rubble and tires in front of supermarkets, abattoirs, logistics bases. Altogether 18 sites were targeted by protesters in 14 towns throughout the Deux-Sèvres. The shares were to block access to these institutions but no highway was blocked.

Hautes-Pyrenees , farmers in the JA and FDSEA have spilled manure and slurry before large areas of Tarbes and its suburbs.

In Lyon , breeders Central East, disappointed rescue plan announced by the government, started to block access to Lyon, before the coming of Francois Hollande in Burgundy Thursday.

A Quimperlé, farmers have a Wednesday night BBQ roundabout Kervidanou.

A Trémorel, Côtes d’Armor, a filtering dam was set up Wednesday night on RN164, to Trémorel.


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