Thursday, July 23, 2015

Var: indictment of Marc Giraud (Republicans) – The Point

The president of the departmental council of the Var, Marc Giraud (The Republicans) was set Wednesday for consideration embezzlement in an alleged fictitious jobs affair while he was mayor of Carqueiranne (Var, a- it was learned judicial source. Marc Giraud was put on probation, and banned from contacting his two former employees at the town hall, both indicted for complicity, one of whom became his current chief of staff at the departmental council. Marc Giraud must also pay a deposit of 30,000 euros.

The former mayor of Carqueiranne and his two collaborators, Taullard Didier, director of municipal services Carqueiranne and Philippe Voyenne, former director of the mayor’s office and director Marc Giraud’s office in the Department, had been taken into custody Tuesday. Voyenne Philippe was also indicted for “false.”

“embezzlement of Concealment”

Investigators are questioning the alleged fictitious job at the town hall of Carqueiranne for several years, a county councilor, Patricia Arnold, running mate Marc Giraud the departmental elections of 2015. Patricia Arnould had been placed in police custody on June 16 and indicted two days later for “concealment of misappropriation of public funds.” Marc Giraud was mayor of this tourist town in 1997-2015.


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