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Gas chambers: new trial against Jean-Marie Le Pen for his “detail” – Le Parisien

24 Jul 2015, 4:35 p.m. |. Update: 24 Jul 2015, 6:45 p.m.

. Already condemned by the court for having called the gas chambers a “detail” in the history of World War II, Jean-Marie Le Pen revert by correctional box to have again made similar 2 April on BFM TV and RMC, learned Friday of judicial source told AFP.

The prosecutor, who had opened a preliminary investigation just after the statements of the founder of the National Front, has summoned a few weeks ago Jean -Marie Le Pen for denying crimes against humanity, the source said. The date of the trial before the 17th Criminal Chamber of the Paris Court has not yet been set. Jean-Marie Le Pen faces up to one year imprisonment and 45,000 euros fine.

About The cause of the crisis between Le Pen

journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin, who asked him if he regretted to have qualified retail gas chambers, Jean-Marie Le Pen replied: “Not at all. What I said corresponded to my thought that the gas chambers were a detail in the history of war, unless we admit that this is the war that is a detail of gas chambers. ” The journalist had then revived, asking if “millions of deaths” could be called “point of detail”. “It’s not a million dead is the gas chambers,” “I am talking about specific things. I did not talk about deaths. I spoke of a system. I said it was a detail of the history of warfare, “replied the former president of the FN.

VIDEO. Jean-Marie Le Pen is still on the gas chambers

Described as “useless provocation” by Florian Philippot, the right arm of Marine Le Pen, the remarks had also been condemned by the current president of the National Front. They have been at the root of the political crisis between father and daughter Pen which led to the suspension of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s party. . Suspension from canceled by justice

Jean-Marie Le Pen had made his first outing on the gas chambers September 13, 1987, the Grand Jury RTL Le Monde: “I have not specifically studied question, but I think it is a World War II history of technicality, “he had said then. To these remarks, Jean-Marie Le Pen was later sentenced in 1991 to pay 1.2 million francs to eleven associations by the Court of Appeal of Versailles. This had not prevented him from repeating the statements several times, either in 1997 in Germany, in 2008 the magazine “Bretons” and in March 2009 the European Parliament.

zapping. Jean-Marie Le Pen, 30 years of racist provocations

Many convictions for verbal excesses

– March 18, 1991 ordered to pay 1.2 million francs (183,000 euros) to eleven associations have said on RTL September 13, 1987 the room sà gases were “a detail of the history of the Second World War “
– June 3, 1993 . In his playing offensive words to the Socialist Minister of Public Service Michel Durafour in September 1988 (” Durafour crematorium “) Jean-Marie Le Pen was fined 10 000 Swiss francs (about 1,500 euros)

 - December 26, 1997 : The Nanterre court sentences him to pay up to 750 euros to eleven associations have repeated in Munich that the gas chambers were a “detail of history” of the Second World War.

 - 25 November 1998 for saying believe in the inequality of races during the summer universities of the FN in August 1996, Jean-Marie Le Pen is ordered to pay 10,000 francs to the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF)

 - April 2, 2004 : the Paris Correctional Court sentenced him to 10 000 euro fine for incitement to racial hatred as a result of comments published in Le Monde April 19, 2003 “The day we France, not 5 million but 25 million Muslims, they are the ones who order and the French will hug the walls come down sidewalks, looking down, “he says notably everyday. On appeal, February 24, 2005, it is also ordered to pay 5,000 euros in damages to the League of Human Rights

 - 8 February 2008 : Sentenced to 10,000 euro fine and a three-month suspended sentence for apology of war crimes and complicity in contesting crimes against humanity for statements published by Rivarol in 2005. “In France at least, the German occupation was not particularly inhumane, even if there were blunders, inevitable in a country of 550,000 square kilometers,” he believed in the columns of ‘far-right weekly. The sentence was confirmed on appeal on January 21, 2009.

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