Saturday, July 25, 2015

Claude Bartolone wants a reshuffle after the regional elections – France Soir

The union is strength, and the left really needs … This is in essence the message delivered by Claude Bartolone in an interview with World (subscriber link) dated Thursday 23. The President of the National Assembly and candidate PS in regional elections next December for the Ile-de-France and calls for a cabinet reshuffle after the deadline in order to return environmentalists in the government team. In his sights. Presidential 2017

After the regional and COP 21 (international climate conference in Paris in December, Ed), I wish there was a reorganization that allows our partners environmentalists to participate in government, alongside the radicals and socialists of all “ensures Claude Bartolone, who promises that” will for all . “

A mission that seems very complicated, if not impossible, if by” environmentalists “the president of the National Assembly intends EELV , main (but not only) Green Party, whose relations with the PS are at best strained. Their leader Cécile Duflot, prey to some internal sling and stormed out of the government following the appointment of Manuel Valls as Prime Minister in April 2014, and more endlessly criticize the action of Executive couple. As if it considers that “ software (Manuel Valls) exhausted” and regularly criticizes the economic policies decided by François Hollande, the “ person of President ” a- she said about her.

No matter, according to Claude Bartolone who believes that “ can not win and transform our country with a united left “. Before recalling “ what happened to the left in 2002 “, or elimination in the first round of a presidential election that saw compete Jacques Chirac and Jean-Marie Le Pen in the second .

A gathering that must be built, explains Claude Bartolone: ​​” our electorate is hard in business We can not make him want to go vote simply by showing columns of numbers. . The left must move forward on three issues that are its reason for being: the fight against inequality, democratic issue and the energy transition “. All for building an indispensable gathering because, warns Claude Bartolone, “ those who scatter have no chance of being included in the second round” , the presidential election of 2017.


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