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MH370: “The debris could lead us to the crash site” – Le Figaro

A debris failed since Wednesday on the island of Reunion challenges investigators. It could be a piece of MH370, disappeared Wed., March 8th, 2014, and since remained mysteriously found. The researchers will trace the history of ocean currents to see more clearly.

A year and a half, the shadow of the MH370 Malaysia Airlines always flat. This Thursday, it’s a wreckage of a plane found on a coast of Reunion Island who raises the investigation remained stalled since the crash, March 8, 2014. Last March again, the Malaysian authorities were committed to persevere in aircraft research, never located. According to the Malaysian authorities, he would have crashed off Australia, the Indian Ocean, for lack of fuel. Only certainty, the Malaysian government said in January that it was an “accident”. But no trace, no proof. But on Wednesday, the remains of what may be the flap of a wing was found in Saint-Andre, Reunion and a suitcase.

From What elements do we have at this stage?

According to the Survey and Analysis Bureau, the debris “almost two meters long and one meter wide” found correspond “to a flap of the wing of an airplane.” “A flaperon” says Sébastien same Barthe, a member of the BEA. This element of a plane is arranged at the trailing edge of the wing. Can be used in both directions, it deploys the landing and takeoff.

On the one found in Reunion, have set shellfish. According to the Clicanoo , the local newspaper, which interviewed Joseph Poupin, marine biology researcher at the Naval School of Brest, to analyze the photographs, these little animals find it for about a year and a half. For the expert, living beings present on the cabin belong to the species Lepas Anatifera, who lives in warm and temperate waters. Another item of interest to investigators: a tattered suitcase was found on the pebble beach this morning at the same place as the aircraft debris. The piece suitcase was recovered by the police from the BGTA (gendarmerie air transport) charge of the investigation for analysis.

A body of evidence in favor of the thesis of the MH370

According to the Malaysian Prime Minister Razak Najip the aircraft debris would “very likely a Boeing 777 “. But for the moment impossible to say whether it comes from the MH370, disappeared on March 8, 2014. Xavier Tytelman, aviation expert, leaves little room for doubt: “The last signal of the plane was spotted with large the Australian coast . The currents could therefore have logically take the debris from the plane to the coast of Reunion. ”

debris for nearly a year and a half and have traveled through sub-equatorial ocean current 5,000 kilometers separating the island of Reunion in the crash search field, off Australia. Already last year, the Australian oceanographers UWA University predicted that the remains of the aircraft might have run aground at about the island of Madagascar, near Reunion, reported Thursday the Daily Mail .

Dominique Barthélémy, told Le Point , the cabin of the aircraft could well have lead in this area: “The general circulation of currents [in the southern hemisphere, Ed], which varies relatively little between summer and winter, rotates in the opposite direction clockwise. Near the equator, the South Equatorial Current goes from east to west, and then separates into Agulhas current, quite violent, between Madagascar and Africa. The second part, the current Mozambican touches the coasts of Reunion. “

Doubts persist

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Debris found in Saint-Andre, Reunion Photo Credits:

But for Gérard Fletzer, aviation expert and former airline pilot, we must remain cautious: “Other crashes occurred years the sector. One was a Yemenia Airlines Airbus A310 in 2009, crashed off the Comoros; the other a twin-engine Piper Aztec, diparu in 2006 off Pierrefonds and never recovered. ” Similarly, a reference does not seem to corroborate the thesis of MH370, the debris apparrait code “BB670″. Xavier Tytelman, “This code does not correspond to the registration of an airplane, or the serial number of a device. By cons, if it belongs to the flaperon MH370, then it is clear that this reference will be identified quickly. In a few days we will have a definitive answer, “he said.

A revived investigation

Seized on Thursday by the Prefecture of La Reunion, the Survey and Analysis Bureau is responsible for coordinating the investigation between the Malaysian authorities, the police and Australian air transport (GTA). This Thursday morning a meeting was held at BEA to launch the investigation into the failed debris. The Malaysian Minister of Transport, Dato Sri Liow Tiong has announced that it sent “a team to investigate” on site, hoping to establish an identification of the aircraft as quickly as possible. Australia, which coordinates the international research in the Indian Ocean has also grafted with the investigation. On site in the late morning, the stars sent by GTA sought other debris at sea.

Replace the history of the current to find the crash site

From the beginning of Thursday afternoon, the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Rajak announced that the aircraft debris Toulouse will be sent to the center DGA Aeronautical Techniques (DGATA) center of expertise and ground test systems and appliances, which depends on the Technical Department of the General Directorate of Armament of the French Ministry of Defence . Moreover, a Malaysian team-including representatives of the Ministries of Transport, the Department of Civil Aviation and Malaysia Airlines – is heading to the Rose City, and a second to Reunion

. Gerard Feldzer, identification is essential. “If it is indeed the MH370, it Flaperon can guide us to the crash site,” says aviation consultant. “It will make modeling trajectories and historical currents up to relocate the site of the plane crash,” says the expert.

Currently, only 50,000 of the 120,000 km2 of the search area were squared by research.


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