Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fires in the Var and Corsica: 10,000 evacuated campers – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Dozens of hectares and forty mobile homes were destroyed by fire in Frejus. The occupants of three campsites were evacuated. Several areas of the Var are placed red risk to fire. Fifteen hectares also burned in Corsica.

A fire goes out, another lights. While in the Southwest, the firefighters seem to finally arrive at the end of a fire that destroyed some 600 hectares near the Gironde and forced the evacuation of hundreds of people, it was the turn of South-East to be in flames. Just hours after a visit to the Department Francois Hollande on the theme of the fight against forest fires, several fires broke out in the Var Monday at midday, fanned by strong winds. No injuries were reported. By early evening, the prefecture said these fires no longer progressing.

In Fréjus, about 20 hectares in smoke

The fire broke out around 13:45 in the town Fréjus , up to the area of ​​Pine of Lego, where campsites are located. “19 hectares were burned. This fire mobilized 300 firefighters and 90 vehicles, “said the prefecture in an updated balance sheet. Four Canadair intervened at the beginning of the disaster.

As a precaution, all occupants Holiday Green, Pine of Lego and Pierre Verte were evacuated nearly 10,000 people. However these campsites reopened around 20:30. The city was left in an open gym night for those evacuees who need vacationers. Shortly before 18 hours, firefighters from the Var indicated on their Twitter account that the fire was “fixed” and no longer progressing in the forest. On the A8 motorway, junction 38 (Fréjus West) has been closed preventively, and RD4 closed between Frejus and Bagnols.

Other fires stopped

Monday, early evening, another fire broke out in the sector Bandol . Several roads were closed and diversions were put in place. Many land and air resources were dispatched to the scene with reinforcements from including Toulon. Shortly before 19h, the prefecture announced that the fire was under control and no casualties were reported.

In the afternoon, about 80 km north-west of this area, Bauduen , another fire broke out around 15h15. On this commune located in the Verdon Regional Natural Park, two hectares were reduced to ashes. 80 firefighters were mobilized and four Canadair and two helicopters.

Cadiere d’Azur at the southwestern tip of the department, another fire broke said around 17.45. About 1.7 hectare was covered in flames and fire mobilized in late afternoon 100 firefighters and two helicopters water bomber. The RD 559 between Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer and Bandol was closed. The progression of these fires was stopped by firefighters. No injuries were reported.

The Var “very severe” risk to fire

The day Monday was classified by the Var prefecture red risk (severe) fires on the mountains of Mont Toulon, the Corniche des Maures, Îles d’Hyères, Centre Var, Esterel and Maures. Weather conditions should not facilitate the work of rescue. Meteo Consult provides westerly moderate to strong winds until Wednesday evening, with gusts up to 60-80 km / h before falling completely Friday. No rain expected over the next seven days.

Before the fires in the Var, President François Hollande, the move in the department in Bormes-les-Mimosas, attended a justly year fight against forest fires. “There are particularly favorable weather unfortunately to recovery, with wind and drought. Was looking towards the Gironde, but we must also be vigilant throughout France “He added:” In the words of De Gaulle, fight against stupidity, extensive program … It is that we must nevertheless implement because (…) it is inadvertence, negligence, stupidity that explain most often the departures of fire. “

Series nocturnal firings in Corsica

In addition, fifteen firings destroyed several dozen hectares in Corsica since Monday, said Tuesday firefighters. The pressure was particularly incendiary raged in Corsica, especially in the very tourist area of ​​Balagne in the northwest of the island, where eight firings were recorded. Most firings were committed on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

Fifteen hectares were burned near the villages of Monticello Calenzana and above the seaside resorts of Calvi and Ile Rousse . In Monticello , a fire against a company destroyed eight vehicles. A bush fire that has already destroyed several hectares in the mountainous region of Niolu (west) continued on Tuesday morning.

About 400 firefighters were involved in the fight against fire in Corsica and investigations were opened by the gendarmerie. These firings occurred while a strong wind on the island since Monday, including Balagne, in the Cape Corsica , the far south and on the mountains. Several ranges and coastal lanes were closed to traffic for security reasons.

Corse-du-Sud, a camp had to be evacuated as a precaution on the west coast Monday because of a fire destroyed four hectares near the village of Conca. In the seaside resort of Cargèse , restaurant was destroyed by a fire that could be of criminal origin. Firefighters on Tuesday renewed calls for caution due to the wind blowing up to 120 km / h in places.


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