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Breeders crisis: Hollande announced “structural measures”, dams extend – The World

Francois Hollande was awaited for Thursday, July 23 in Dijon, where he defends agricultural officials face an emergency plan to help farmers struggling to convince. While farmers continue to conduct protest actions, the head of state tried again, after a meeting with agricultural organizations, to reassure them.

After emergency measures, he says, will come from political decisions to be “in duration, so that agriculture can be valued and that farmers are valued for what they are great entrepreneurs” .

“You have to make decisions, they are taken, and others will be in the coming days. “

Francois Hollande has detailed some actions that will be undertaken to help farmers in the long term. Among them, he mentioned his desire to make slaughterers and processors make “account for what is at stake in the pipeline,” so that “it there may be price that can pay “ farmers.

Relief” administrative constraints “

In the to foster the competitiveness of farms, Francois Hollande announced “structural measures” that will come in addition to “economic measures” , particularly citing the ” contractualization “ and relief from ” administrative constraints, which are too heavy and even become unbearable “.

To carry out its work, the head of state counting on the support of several government members. Will the Prime Minister and to support the issue of catering:

“We must ensure that there are supplies that can support farmers in all of France canteens run by the State, actions will be initiated immediately. “

In overseas markets, the ministers will take action ” to other countries for our products to be more valued “. They will discuss with business partners, he explained, and he himself will discuss with China.

Even the energy transition law can be “useful” farmers, he explained, and become “a source of income for farmers” . “The minister will take action” in this sense, he explained, referring to biogas and photovoltaic energy.

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The movement spreads

The French farmers have been protesting for 19 July.

Wednesday’s announcements sparked mixed reactions to say the least. The National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA, the first agricultural union), ruled government measures “insufficient” in the long term, even if they “can meet in the short term some emergencies “

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On the ground, the dams installed by breeders around Caen since Monday morning and where began the movement of anger, began to be lifted Wednesday, but the movement has spread to other regions.

If the situation seemed calm in Brittany and in the North, it is in the center of the country that tension remains high. The three main access to Lyon were blocked Thursday morning by about 300 tractors. Operators expect “concrete answers on the revaluation of producer prices” , which are not included, they believe in the assistance plan announced Wednesday by the government.

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In the South, about 200 farmers, including sixty came by tractor, targeted a dairy Sodiaal Vienna early Thursday morning, before which they spilled manure and tires, according Pégoud Lawrence, director of the FNSEA Isère. Blockages were also reported near the Mont-Saint-Michel, again, in Haute-Vienne, near the Underground.

All of the executive is now mobilized, conscious of prevent this crisis drags in the heart of summer, with possible political implications to months of regional elections. Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister, also mobilized, said Thursday morning on RTL he was “essential that prices rise in the beef sector” , and called the ” responsibility “ slaughterers and industry.

” Masquerade “

The tension also gaining the political world. During a hectic session of questions to the Government, Manuel Valls is taken is strongly president of the group Republicans, Christian Jacob, denouncing his stance on the movement of livestock farmers who are not “worthy” or “at the height of the situation” and support “populism” and “Poujadism” .

In his interpellation of the government, Mr. Jacob, a former agricultural union, had called the emergency plan for farmers “com operation” “masquerade” “lie” or “humbug”

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Nicolas Sarkozy, president of the party Republicans and former head of state, considered for its part that the government emergency plan was “not at the height of the crisis in French agriculture “. This plan “does not respond to competitiveness deficit to overcome. The catalog of 24 measures does not this ambition “, said Mr Sarkozy in a statement to AFP. The leader of the Socialist MPs, Bruno Le Roux, responded by denouncing the opposition “maximalist and outrageous” Nicolas Sarkozy, who is “a caricature of itself” .


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