Monday, July 27, 2015

Var: three fires under control – Le Point

Just hours after a visit in the Var Francois Hollande on the theme of the fight against forest fires, some 10,000 people were evacuated Monday from three campsites in Frejus after the departures of fire, which does . were no injuries, said the prefecture

At 18 h 30, according to the prefecture, three fires that were reported in the department since mid-day were fixed: their progress was halted by Firefighters in Frejus, Bauduen and La Cadiere d’Azur, the southwestern tip of the department. No injuries were reported. The three were evacuated campsites Fréjus meanwhile reopen at 20 h 30, according to Richard Sert, the first deputy mayor of Fréjus FN David Rachline.

19 hectares burned

The city which had opened three gyms that hosted over a thousand of holidaymakers evacuated late in the day, should leave open during the night for those who need it, he said. According to the Prefecture, 40 mobile homes were affected by fire in the campsites.

“Several departures fire broke out in the Var since mid-day in the towns of Frejus and Bauduen “had earlier said Kevin Mazoyer, the prefect of the Var cabinet director in a statement. “Three campgrounds are being evacuated in the town of Fréjus, in a preventive manner: the Holiday Green, where 3000 people are, Pin of Lego (5500 people) and Pierre Verte, home to 1500 people “, he had specified to 17 hours.

” In Fréjus where the fire broke out at about 13: 45 am, 19 hectares were burnt. The fire mobilized 300 firefighters and 90 vehicles ” , the prefecture said in an updated balance sheet. Four Canadair intervened at the beginning of the disaster. On the A8 motorway, junction 38 (Fréjus West) had been closed preventively, and RD4 closed between Frejus and Bagnols.

“fight against stupidity”

Bauduen, 80 km northwest, in the Verdon Regional Park, the fire, which declared itself to 15 h 15, had traveled two hectares and 80 firefighters mobilized. Four Canadair and two helicopters were also deployed there. Finally, in Cadiere d’Azur, the southwest border of the Var, where a fire broke out at about 17: 45 am, about 1.7 hectares was covered in flames and fire mobilized in late afternoon 100 firefighters and two helicopter water bombers. The RD 559 between Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer and Bandol was closed.

On a visit that morning in Bormes-les-Mimosas, always in the Var department, where seven people, including four firefighters, were died in fires in the summer of 2003, President Francois Hollande had just attended a year of fight against forest fires.

“Vigilant throughout France”

” In the Gironde, we have further strengthened the means, sent new teams because that is a very big work that firefighters have to be renewed, supported, “he said, referring to the forest fire which affects the Gironde for days.

“But it’s true that there are particularly favorable weather unfortunately to recovery, with wind and drought. It was looking towards the Gironde, but we must also be vigilant throughout France “, added the President of the Republic, before the fires in the Var.

” As de Gaulle said, the fight against stupidity, This extensive program … is that we still have to implement because – and those responsible how to leave the lights we have confirmed – that’s inadvertence, negligence, stupidity that explain usually the departures of fire. So we must also initiate calls, calls just to behaviors common sense, “stressed Mr. Holland


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