Wednesday, July 22, 2015

LIVE – From Normandy to Brittany, farmers maintain blockages – Le Figaro

o The Government of ads
The government announced it will release more than 600 million euros in favor of farmers in difficulty, to help them alleviate their cash, and work with banks to restructure their debts. The measures for the reduction of cash include 100 million of charges and dues cancellations and deferrals 500 million. These tax payment deferrals due on income, prepayments of VAT, property tax exemptions, and measures related to the MSA (MSA, the social security of farmers). To help restructure the debts of farmers, the load relief fund (CAF) is increased to 50 million euros, against 8,000,000 actuellement.La Public Investment Bank (BPI) will guarantee up to 500 million Euro bank credit cash to livestock sector companies to meet all their needs.

The plan, available in 24 measures, also includes “structural measures”.

o Many dams throughout France
The farmers will decide “in an hour or two” if they raise the dams in place since Monday on the device Caen, said Wednesday the president of the FDSEA of Calvados, Jean-Yves Heurtin after the announcement by the Government of the release of € 600 million to the sector. ” We are reassured by the fact that there are so many ministers go to work. But a priori the announced measures are not sufficient, “said Mr. Heurtin to the press, stating that Norman breeders consulted their national bodies before deciding to possibly remove the dams.

o Executive General Mobilization

Pressed by the growing protest of farmers and several leaders of opposition, Francois Hollande and the government, have tried not to get caught up in the farm crisis to avoid, in summer and six months of regional elections at high risk, a hardening of the conflict. The executive, smarting from the experience of the “Red Caps” in Britain in 2013, clearly fears a contagion that would not have failed to turn in the wrong soap summer. “We hear the anguish of the farmers,” Manuel Valls said Wednesday.


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