Monday, July 27, 2015

He is driven by a thief in the moat of a castle of Nantes and unharmed – TF1

According to the local press, it is a “miracle”. A man was Sunday morning a fall in the moat of a castle Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) unharmed, report Press Ocean and Ouest-France on Monday. The incident occurred while the victim was returning the evening, around 4:30 am in the company of a group of friends

They then cross two men dishonest intentions on the outskirts of the historic building. – The castle Dukes of Brittany. One of them tries to steal the party animal of smartphone and pushing violently. In the fall, the victim faces a wall, rocking overboard and gets into the castle moat, four meters below. Despite this height, it unscathed.

Suspect arrested

Meanwhile, the thief grabs the Iphone and took to their heels, tells Ouest-France . One of the two suspects will be arrested later and placed in custody. It is still unclear if this is the one that is causing the fall.

According to Press Ocean , it could appear as early as Monday correctional for “robbery and meeting without causing incapacity for work. ”

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