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VIDEO. Fire in Gironde: stabilized fire destroyed nearly 370 hectares – Le Parisien

EW | Jul 25 2015, 7:15 |. Update: 25 Jul 2015, 11:02

 The fire is now “calmed stabilized, but it is neither limited nor mastered,” said Saturday the prefecture of Gironde. However, “there are active zones, there are sparks, and always the risk of fire occasions in places.” The regional prefect Aquitaine and Gironde reported “two minor injuries among firefighters,” without elaborating.

Two Canadair planes, firefighters who had supported since late Friday of afternoon until night inputs again in action. Two water bombers have now joined the Dach. In the night from Friday to Saturday fire destroyed noon in over 370 hectares of pine forest and forced the evacuation of 120 homes and a nursing home.

The fear of turning wind Nearly 300 firefighters, more than 60 trucks coming from Gironde and four neighboring departments, continued into the night to fight against fire . Originally still unknown, the fire started at 14:30 Saturday in a pine forest in Saint-Jean-d’Illac, 20 km west of Bordeaux.

If the weather seems more lenient , the authorities remain concerned a flashback. Fire «calmed down, his progress slowed, but it is neither limited nor mastered,” said the prefecture. “There are active areas, there sparks”. The winds, which reached 50 km / h in the evening on Friday and turning moments had been the main enemy of firefighters Friday by causing several “spot fires” over the front of struggle against the flames.

VIDEO. Fire in Gironde, “the fire is stabilized but not” according to the prefect

No homes damaged

 The prefect of the Gironde and Aquitaine, Pierre Dartout, said 40 homes had been evacuated in the evening in Saint-Jean-d’Illac and 80 others in the neighboring commune of Pessac, and a nursing home with 80 patients, supported in a gym in Pessac for some, at the University Hospital of Bordeaux for others. “It is at this stage evacuations as a precaution,” he said.

 The prefect said Saturday that there had been “no new evacuation in the night and no damaged dwelling”.

“Firefighters remain very vigilant. The fire continues to develop, it is not circumscribed. It was not until the new intervention Saturday aerial means to eradicate it. Firefighters working at night to slow its progression, enjoying perhaps a little more freshness and moisture in the woods, “said the prefect, which should make a point location Saturday morning. As a precaution, an area of ​​traveling people had been evacuated in the afternoon. Their 63 families are supported by the police and the municipality of Saint-Jean d’Illac.

Arson? The trail of arson is seriously studied. The gendarmerie was very surprised by the speed with which it has grown. The mayor of Saint-Jean-d’Illac does not preclude a cigarette butt is the cause of the fire because the fire started from the roadside, he told France Info.

A second fire quickly extinguished The efforts of the firefighters were diverted several hours Saturday by another fire pine forest, which broke out around 17 hours to 50 km to the south-west, La Teste-de-Buch and Gujan-Mestras, towns bordering the Bay of Arcachon. More than 75 firefighters, backed by Canadair fought against this fire ultimately circumscribed shortly after 20 hours, after destroying a dozen hectares of forest.

Two other minor fire Friday in the sector rooms, were quickly mastered after destroying about one hectare of pine forest each. Occurred near the A63 linking Bordeaux to Spain, they have resulted in smoke and therefore delays on the road vacation, but not cut the axis.

VIDEO. A second fire in 15 days in Saint-Jean-d’Illac in Gironde

The multiple fire starts in a day are not uncommon in summer in the forest in the Southwest and especially in Gironde, covered 45% forest. In strong period of drought, it is important to be vigilant throwing cigarette butts on the road vacation

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