Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Corse: Paul Giacobbi indicted for embezzlement – The Point

The MP and Chair of the Executive Council of Corsica, Paul Giacobbi (PRG), was indicted Tuesday for embezzling public funds between 2007 and 2010 when he was president of the General Council of Haute-Corse, has -t was learned judicial source. Paul Giacobbi, 58, is alleged to have participated in the embezzlement of public funds totaling 500,000 euros as part of the case known as the renovation of flats, for which 16 other people have been previously indicted.

Paul Giacobbi, which had never been heard in this matter until then, was questioned for nearly thirteen hours by two investigating judges of the economic and financial pole Bastia responsible for this dossier. He exited through a back door of the courthouse, waiting for his driver and a bodyguard, without making a declaration. His lawyer has not expressed either.

According to the prosecutor Bastia Nicolas Bessone, “other indictments could soon intervene” in this investigation. Among the other 16 people indicted, included 12 alleged beneficiaries and 4 officials. Justice suspects that these funds for the renovation of flats were used for other purposes, including the construction or improvement of individual houses.

Several surveys since 2010

The searches were carried out on June 15 at the headquarters of the island of Corsica (CTC), in Ajaccio, Corsica and the county council of Bastia in the course of investigations of alleged fictitious jobs and suspicions embezzlement of public funds. Several surveys have been conducted since 2010 in the county council, former General Council, previously headed by Paul Giacobbi, which was never bothered by justice.


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