Friday, July 24, 2015

The “detail” of the gas chambers leads Jean-Marie Le Pen in corrections – The Point

Jean-Marie Le Pen will be judged for correctional again stated, April 2, that “the gas chambers were a detail” of World War II. The prosecutor, who had opened a preliminary investigation right after these remarks on RMC-BFM TV has summoned a few weeks ago the co-founder of the National Front for denying crimes against humanity, did we said. The date of the trial before the 17th Criminal Chamber of the Paris Court has not yet been set.

Jean-Marie Le Pen immediately denounced a “persecution”. “This is further persecution, this is normal from Mrs Taubira the deputy. Expect everything. I’m not surprised,” he responded. “There is an Afghan proverb: You told the truth, jump on your horse and whip ,” had fun co-founder of the FN, 87, who had caused the spring suspension of the FN since canceled the courts, with these remarks and others kept in the far-right weekly Rivarol , little new substance.

“I thought that millions of French had demonstrated for freedom of opinion, I thought it was going to the right to blaspheme. Is it blasphemy? It is almost religious in the area … “criticized the MEP.

On 2 April, the journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin, who asked him if he regretted having qualified retail gas chambers, which earned him to be condemned already, Jean-Marie Le Pen replied “Not at all what I have said corresponded to my thought that the gas chambers were a detail in the history of war, unless we admit that this is the war that is a detail of the gas chambers. . “

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The journalist had then revived, asking if” millions of deaths “could be called” point of detail “. “It’s not a million dead is the gas chambers, I’m talking about specific things. I have not talked about the number of dead. I spoke of a system. I said it was a detail in the history of the war, “replied Jean-Marie Le Pen, 87.

About Jean-Marie Le Pen intervened while her daughter has started to “dédiaboliser” the picture of the FN since becoming party leader in 2011. They had been strongly condemned by the political class, including within the FN. The right arm of Marine Le Pen, Florian Philippot, was immediately denounced a “perfectly useless provocation.”

The first of many releases of Jean-Marie Le Pen on the subject dates back to September 13, 1987, when he stated: “I have not specifically studied the question, but I think it’s a detail in the history of World War II.” He reiterated the remarks in 1997 in Germany, in 2008 the magazine Britons , in March 2009 the European Parliament.


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