Thursday, July 23, 2015

The law finally adopted on social dialogue – The World

Labour Minister François Rebsamen, bringing the law on social dialogue.

The Parliament adopted definitively Thursday, July 23, by a final vote of the Assembly, the draft law on social dialogue.

The socialist MPs and radical left voted for the “social progress text” , as touted the labor minister, François Rebsamen, who carried the bill . Republicans and centrist IDU, however, voted against a text that “will not create or social dialogue or employment” and adds, they say, “of enforced complexity “

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The Left Front also opposed it, saying that “globally reduces employees’ rights representatives” .

M. Rebsamen quipped before the critical unison:

“I like it enough to be criticized by both” Humanity “and” Le Figaro ” it means we have a line that is right! “

Developed in January after the failure of negotiations between employers and unions, the bill will provide representation to 4.6 million very small businesses employees (TPE under 11 employees), will bring together the bodies but also will secure the scheme for the entertainment.

Y are also listed account creation activity staff and the establishment, from 1 st in January 2016, a premium of activity, which will replace the premium for employment and RSA-activity.

On the professional gender equality, the ” status report compared “in companies, which dates back to 1983, is deleted as such, which worries feminist associations and various elected officials, including socialists and ecologists, despite guarantees provided.

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During the examination of the bill in May, under the simplified procedure, the government has also made add a number of other provisions, such as the removal of the mandatory anonymous CV, perceived as “an obstacle to the fight against discrimination”, and simplifications of the day drudgery in response to concerns of employers.

At the initiative of PS deputies, former Minister Benoît Hamon slinger head, a start has also been made towards the recognition of burnout (or burnout), psychic diseases in some cases can now be recognized as occupational diseases

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