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Accident? Missile? Theories (wildest) on the disappearance of flight MH370 – The Obs

The history of the MH370 resurfaced. The theories surrounding his death too. The debris of an airplane wing found Wednesday on the shore of La Réunion will perhaps know the fate of the Malaysia Airlines flight. On March 8, 2014, a Boeing 777 takes off from the Malaysian company Kuala Lumpur and headed to Beijing. But he never will land in China. What cause a series of assumptions, some more plausible than others.

After one hour flight, the aircraft had disappeared from monitors. A Malaysian military radar had nevertheless located. The aircraft veered to the west, began a descent to finally go up. The following hours, the Boeing and its 239 people aboard are found. Research give nothing.

# A human cause?

The fatal aircraft accidents are mostly caused by humans. According to a report from the Civil Aviation Authority, error handling or appreciation of the crew has been identified as the main cause in 52% of cases between 2002 and 2011. Weather conditions concern only 5% crashes and technical failures by 9%.

For the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, the MH370 flight movements were caused by “deliberate action”.

The pilot seemed very well how to avoid civilian radar. He seems to have learned how to avoid them. “

In fact, the plane disappeared from radar screens civilians shortly after takeoff. But a military radar had helped track him down. The unit had suddenly facing the Indian Ocean, so he had to follow the road south of the Gulf of Thailand.

The captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, was no novice (18,000 hours . flight) Fariq Ab Hamid, the first officer of 27 years, had however only 2700 hours on the clock Unlike Andreas Lubitz. – who deliberately crashed the plane of Germanwings in March – the MH370 drivers n ‘ were described as unstable or depressed.

# A technical accident?

According to the Wired site, the most logical hypothesis was proposed by Chris Goodfellow, an American pilot. Lithium batteries contained in the cargo would have exploded and caused a fire in the aircraft. The pilots have hijacked the Boeing to the nearest airport, but intoxicated by the smoke, they would have lost consciousness.

# A terrorist act?

Malaysia officially launched an investigation into terrorism. A track that, if it were verified, would allow the company to be cleared. The presence of illegal passengers reinforces this theory. Two Iranians of 19 and 29 years traveling with false passports stolen from an Italian and an Austrian. Two unknown suspects.

A terrorist track that attracted Rupert Murdoch. Billionaire ahead even without providing any evidence to éttayer this theory, he is a Taliban attack. The Islamists have hit hard to “create tension in China” and the plane would be in Pakistan, “as bin Laden,” imagines the newspaper magnate, slightly paranoïaqu e.

“The world seems riveted to the disappearance of the 777. The plane did not crash perhaps but was stolen, hidden, perhaps in northern Pakistan, like bin Laden.”

Still no terrorist group has claimed the disappearance of MH370.

# The US military?

For Nigel Cawthorne, English journalist and writer, the Boeing 777 was accidentally shot down by a missile during military exercises of US and Thai military, over the China Sea. A theory he exposes in his book “Flight MH370: the mystery”, released only 72 days after the announcement of the disappearance.

These things happen. No one wants a new Lockerbie, so those who are involved in their interest to be silent. “

And if the missile had hit its target voluntarily? The plane had suddenly changed course and headed for the Indian Ocean. The US naval base of Diego Garcia was then in his direction.

According to Marc Dugain, former president of the French airline Proteus Airlines, the US military would have feared an attack and would have simply eliminated the hijacked plane. A thesis supported by many experts.

# … and most theories Crazy

Objective:. intimidate the West, recover a board object or make contact with one of the passengers According to the US expert Aviation Jeff Wise – obviously big fan of “James Bond” – the MH370 was diverted to a Russian base in Kazakhstan The order would emanate directly from the Kremlin

Moreover,.. three Russian or Ukrainian citizens were among the passengers. Muscled men, “one to be able to fight with Liam Neeson in flight,” he writes in “New York Magazine”. A strong argument.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice has to behave themselves. The Boeing 777 would have become invisible in flight, which would explain his disappearance from radar screens. This technical feat was developed by the US company Freescale.

Now, some twenty employees were on board … Coincidence? For conspiracy theorists, the link is obvious. The Chinese would then hijacked the plane to a secret base to retrieve this new technology.

  • About the fourth dimension

Another hypothesis put forward by Internet users: the time warp. The aircraft would be engulfed in a kind of “wormhole” – “tiny shortcut through time and space,” says scientist Stephen Hawking. – Before reappearing in another dimension

A plane disappears from radar screens and which can not be found … The story does not fail to recall that of “Lost.” JJ Abrams series follows the fate of the survivors of Flight 815 of Oceanic Airlines company. Passengers stranded on a mysterious island in the Pacific and trying to survive in this hostile environment. They will spend long years.

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