Sunday, July 26, 2015

Argenteuil “Our neighborhoods are not shooting stands” – Liberation

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In front of the large austere grids in the sub-prefecture of Argenteuil (Val d’Oise) that ‘held this Saturday to rally the support of three young seriously injured in recent weeks by shooting LBD (defense Bale Thrower). A hundred people came to show their sympathy to the families and to denounce what they see as obvious police misconduct.

Supported by the inhabitants of nearby towns and parents victims of police violence, Moustapha Mansouri, Amine’s father, came to repeat his 14 year old son was injured in Argenteuil on the night of July 13 shot LBD that touched the right testicle, while playing in a square with friends. And he had obeyed his parents avoiding the “slab” where youth get older opposed the police.

“Our neighborhoods are not shooting stands “ could be read on a black banner hung the closed gates of the sub-prefecture, just below the national flag flying in the wind. “The topic is quite serious when we see that we can draw easily on our children” : the serious, trembling with emotion, Moustapha opens the microphone to the speech series. Hardly contain his emotion he expressed his dismay and anger: “Amine was out to celebrate July 14 with friends. It was expected of them [police, ed], was that they protect them, not they get at them. “ After him, Amine, limping , a crutch in hand defends and maintains his innocence: “I have nothing against the police” , he shouts

“Let justice be done. “

Anas’s brother Tarik, another young injured in similar circumstances in Les Ulis, is also making its voice heard: ” It is important to move some, others, it is important to stay solidarity for justice to be done. “ After them, families of victims of the speeches are linked, as the father of Geoffrey Tidjani, wounded by rubber bullets shot in 2010, or that of Joachim Gatti, who lost an eye after a shot from the same weapon in 2009.

In the audience, Nour, moved, listen to the testimony. This student of 21 years has traveled from Gennevilliers (92), after hearing the story of Amin and seeing the call to rally on Facebook. “I came symbolically express my support for the families of the victims . We must fight together so that what happened does not happen again elsewhere. “ Near her, his uncle Said, 37, a project manager in aeronautics. Glasses screwed on his nose, he looks on and listens carefully to every speech. It comes from Mantes-la-Jolie (Yvelines), some neighborhoods have been the scene in recent days clashes between youth and police. Fearing also for his commune, he came to condemn the police blunders: “They can do their job without doing violence to person”

A few steps away, two moms, and Malika. Saliha, have also expressed their concerns: “We live in neighboring towns and we know that this has happened can happen to any family. Our children have nowhere to play around them they are only bricks so they can find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. “ According to them, ” There are police officers nice and some not, who do not share things “, a phrase that recalls that in this debate hides another: that of the relationship between police and the inhabitants, who seems to be deteriorating every day a little more.


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