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Flight MH370: the debris comes from many Boeing 777 – Les Echos

The remains of 2 meters found Wednesday on the eastern shore of the island of Reunion good from a Boeing 777. It is the belief with which came the Malaysian and Australian authorities, and that many observers, based on the type number on the piece, which corresponds to that of a Boeing 777 Flaperon wings in the service manual of Boeing 777. A photo published on the debris Newspaper Site Reunion “Clicanoo” allows to clearly see the serial number. Now the only Boeing 777 to have disappeared over the Indian Ocean is the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines disappeared March 8, 2014.

Deputy Minister of Transport of Malaysia said Friday that resolving the mystery of the disappearance of the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines in March 2014 (flight MH370) was “close “ after the discovery of a fragment of an airplane wing in Reunion. “I think we are getting closer to solving the mystery of the MH370. This could be persuasive evidence that the MH370 crashed into the Indian Ocean, “ Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told AFP, after stating that a partial number of the debris confirmed that this fragment came from a Boeing 777.

Waiting for official confirmation

Mem optimism toward the Director of the Australian Bureau Security transport that directs the MH370 search operations in the Indian Ocean. “We are increasingly convinced that the remains are those of MH370″ said Martin Dolan told AFP Friday. “The form of the fragment is much like a specific item 777″ , he added, confirming the view of many experts.

From Wednesday, experts from Boeing cited by CNN had indeed already identified on pictures Flaperon a Boeing 777, a mobile part located on the rear of the wing, allowing to control the aircraft’s motion. However, the information must be officially confirmed by the French authorities. However, authentication of the room has been entrusted by a judge of the High Court of Paris, in charge of the French judicial inquiry into the crash MH370, technical center of the Directorate General of Armaments, which located near Toulouse. The debris was to be delivered today.

A piece of luggage

Other debris may come from the MH370 flight have also been discovered in recent hours in Reunion. After a piece of brown suitcase Thursday morning, two bottles of Asian origin who were handed to police of the Brigade of the Gendarmerie Air Transport (GED). This is a detergent bottle, where you can read “Jakarta, Indonesia” and a bottle of water wearing ideograms.

In contrast , Deputy Prime Minister and Australian Transport Minister Warren Truss, considers it “almost impossible” to find the main wreckage from a debris found sixteen months before the meeting. “The vagaries of currents make a reverse modeling almost impossible,” he says. “ I do not think it helps a lot to locate the plane,” he added. He however, said earlier that the discovery of these remains the Australian authorities comforted in their belief that research conducted for several months under their leadership in the southern Indian Ocean, 4000 km of Reunion, targeting “the right place”. “The confirmation that the airplane fragments discovered in Reunion are those of the MH370 rather reinforce the idea that we are the right place” .

No debris found so far

So far, no wreckage had been found, despite several false alarms and significant resources mobilized to explore a large area west of Australia, where the unit was likely to have crashed, having exhausted its fuel reserves. The possibility that a piece of the plane coming aground on the pinhead what the island of Reunion, after drifting in the Indian Ocean over 6000 kilometers, seems extraordinarily thin. But it would nothing impossible. The flaperons to 777 are metal boxes, allowing them to float. The piece is found covered with shells, indicating that it has long séjournée in water. Furthermore, the general direction of ocean currents and sales in the southern Indian Ocean, ranging from east to west, is consistent with this scenario. Especially that there is almost no land on the route between Australia and Reunion, to obstruct this drift.

Consistent with the direction of the ocean currents

If this hypothesis is confirmed, it will not solve the mystery of flight MH370, but it could allow investigators to better understand the crash area, from the speed and direction of ocean currents. A very rough year, which had shown its limits in the search for the flight Rio-Paris Air France, but nevertheless would restart research. Furthermore, if a wing debris could float, other floating debris is likely to be discovered. Many parts and aircraft equipment are unsinkable effect. African coasts could be their final destination. Other debris may eventually provide clues to the circumstances of the crash, according to their deformation or state. In the immediate future, this discovery will perhaps at least partially dissipate cruel uncertainty for families of victims, twisting neck complotistes certain theses, like the one that wants the unit was shot down by seeking to s’ crash on the US base in Diego Garcia


An investigation remained at the stage of hypotheses

Anyway, this discovery would be the most important advance since the beginning of the investigation, which remains at the stage of speculation and conjecture. So far, the only elements available to the investigators an interception radar device over Malaysia, indicating that the plane left two hours earlier from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, had turned around to some reason, after cutting all radio contact, and automatic satellite contacts at regular intervals, which had allowed to reconstruct the trajectory of the plane, to the south of the Indian Ocean. What the thesis misuse. However, investigations on both the crew and passengers had not identified any potential suspect of such a criminal act.


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