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Flight MH370. DIRECT. The debris of a Boeing 777 comes as Malaysia Airlines – Ouest-France

1:58 p.m.. Only Boeing may give final confirmation

The final confirmation of the origin of debris must come from Boeing, according to Malaysian Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi “Only Boeing can verify” as well Flaperon comes the Boeing 777 which was on the flight MH370, has he said. The flaperon has indeed undergone changes, “made by Boeing” , he said.

1:20 p.m.. The wing has the part number “657 BB”

The wing fragment found Wednesday brings the partial number “657 BB” , according to the pictures of debris.

12:45. A Malaysian manager ensures that the resolution of the mystery is MH370 “close”

The Malaysian Deputy Minister of Transport believes that solving the mystery of the disappearance of the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines in March 2014 (flight MH370) is “close”.

“I think we are closer to the resolution of MH370 mystery. This could be persuasive evidence that the MH370 crashed in the Indian Ocean “, said Abdul Aziz Kaprawi AFP.

12:20. The number on the aircraft debris “confirms that this is a Boeing 777″ , said Malaysia

A partial number found on the debris of confirms that the object plane from a Boeing 777 aircraft of the same type as that of Malaysia Airlines (flight MH370) disappeared in March 2014, said Friday a Malaysian manager on Friday. This information comes from MAS (Malaysia Airlines). They informed me” , told AFP the Malaysian Deputy Minister of Transport, Abdul Aziz Kaprawi .

On Twitter, documents that accredit this information already circulating for several hours:

10:30. Indonesian detergent bottle and a bottle of mineral water, Chinese

The two plastic bottles found Friday morning (see 8.15 below) were given to the police brigade Gendarmerie Air Transport (GED).

This is a detergent bottle, where you can read “Jakarta, Indonesia” and a bottle of mineral water bearing ideograms.

The two plastic bottles found on Friday morning were given to the police brigade of the Gendarmerie Air Transport (GED).
The two plastic bottles found on Friday morning were given to gendarmes in the brigade of the Gendarmerie Air Transport (GED). | Reuters

“I came this morning to see the cleanup crew and I found this bottle (detergent) “, explained Philippe Sidam, association president E. 3 ” On the bottle it says “ Indonesia Jakarta “. I thought, maybe that’s part of the aircraft “, he said.

Meanwhile Romain Penel, who found a bottle of mineral water “Nongfuspring” says it is “many a Chinese mineral water brand” .

10am. The debris will leave this Friday and will arrive in France on Saturday

According to AFP, the debris found Wednesday at the meeting must go on Friday to arrive Saturday in Balma, near Toulouse where it will be analyzed by a laboratory-dependent the Defense Ministry to the Directorate General of Armaments.

9:30. The pain and anger of a French, whose wife and children have disappeared

“This is a moment of extreme pain. If confirmed that it is indeed debris of the plane, for us it is the end of a story, which no longer allows no hope “. Ghislain Wattrelos, whose wife and two of his three children disappeared aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, expressed his anxiety on Friday on Europe 1.

” We had a tiny hope “ . “There was no evidence of a crash, so somewhere there was all still a small hope that the plane had landed somewhere. I have not slept all night, I do not stop thinking. All that I lived for fourteen months came back to me “ says the father.

” Grief is totally impossible to have for my son and me. We want to know what happened, we want to know where they are “, he said.

” From the beginning, I accuses France of n have strictly nothing done, or to discover the truth or to help the search. The first lie that we are Malaysians and Australians. The Malaysian authorities do not give me any information. I have never been in contact with them.

For a number of months, the only ones who give me information, they are the Australians, bizarre. They are not in charge of the case officially. They send me an email regularly to keep abreast of the research area “, details of missing this close, which has several hypotheses on the tragedy. “I rather think the diversion. Thereafter, he was shot or there was a mechanical problem, or it landed somewhere “.

9:20. Although it comes right the Malaysian aircraft, “The debris will not help to find the wreckage”

The Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss has recognized that This debris “could be a very important piece of hardware” , but felt it was “almost impossible” to find the main wreckage from this element.

Sixteen months after the disappearance of flight MH370, “the whims of the currents make a reverse modeling almost impossible” , Warren Truss said during a press conference. “I do not think it helps a lot to locate the plane” , added Mr Truss who is also Minister of Transport.

8:15. Two bottles with Indonesian and Chinese inscriptions found at St. Andrew

According to the website of local information, two plastic bottles were found on the coast of St. Andrew – at the level of Etang de Bois Rouge – the same place that the wing aircraft debris found Wednesday. Enrollments in Indonesian or Malay (according to sources) and Chinese are visible on both bottles.

6:15. Australia believes to have sought the wreck in the right place

Australia said Friday that the discovery of a fragment of probable flight MH370 on the island of La Reunion does not call into Because the search area of ​​the wreck in the southern Indian Ocean.

Given the projections drift debris of the aircraft based on current, “we remain convinced of look for the right place “, said the Australian Transport Minister Warren Truss. “The confirmation that the airplane fragments discovered in Reunion are those of the MH370 rather reinforce the idea that we are the right place” , he said.

5:55. For the Australian BEA, doubts should be raised “within 24 hours”

For the director of the Australian Bureau of Transportation Safety MH370 who heads the search operation in the Indian Ocean, the last doubts should be raised “within 24 hours” .

“We are increasingly convinced that the remains are those the MH370 “ said Martin Dolan told AFP Friday.

” We continue to work with our French and Malaysian colleagues to analyze the available information, therefore we are not 100% certain, but we hope very quickly reach this level of confidence. We hope to achieve in the next 24 hours “, has he added.

Relive the day Thursday, hour time including the discovery of a suitcase shredded in Saint-André, on the island of Reunion, where the debris was found Wednesday.


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