Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vallauris: the king of Saudi Arabia here soon, the closed beach – TF1

He comes to France for a vacation in a private capacity, in its immense villa Vallauris, possession of the Saudi royal family since 1979. The king Salman is now expected in little on the French Riviera.

And the first direct consequences of this royal journey is already effective and visible locally. On the decision of the Prefecture of Alpes-Maritimes , the public beach of Mirandola, situated below the property, is well closed since Saturday morning, as the coastal path at each end of the villa . They will remain so during the entire stay Salman, who could remain until mid-August -the point reopenings could, however, take place if he is absent from the home for a while.

In addition, an order of the maritime prefect prohibits navigation at sea in a coastal strip 300 meters to the right of the property. As with all heads of state visits to France in an official or private capacity, the villa is now under police protection.


The king Salman will be accompanied by nearly a thousand Saudis, including 700 of his suite. His visit is seen as a boon for local commerce since many of the courtiers will stay in hotels and not in the villa.

But these holidays are also perceived as an inconvenience for residents, private beach. The mayor of Vallauris has sent a letter to François Hollande elected while the opposition has launched an online petition against the “privatization” of the place. It collected more than 100,000 signatures.

VIDEO ARCHIVE. The portrait of King Salman Saudi Arabia


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