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MH370: questions raised by the discovery of debris in Reunion – The World

Many clues are consistent to say that the aircraft debris found on a beach on the island of Reunion is from the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines, disappeared over the Indian Ocean March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board. But there is still no certainty, the authorities, be they French or Malaysian, pending the identification to be held in France in the course of next week.

  • What is the object that was found in Reunion?

An aircraft debris of 2 meters was found July 29 on the eastern shore of the island. The piece in question could be a “flaperon” flaps arranged along the wings as pilots operate on takeoff and landing.

Based on photos received from the room, a French expert aviation safety, Xavier Tytelman, noted on his Twitter account “amazing similarities between a flaperon and debris found 777″ .

According to the Guardian , a mechanic for the airline Air Austral, based in Reunion, studied Flaperon with French military officials. He concluded that he was certain “99%” that is a debris of a Boeing 777. Citing sources close to the investigation, AFP also claims that the wing fragment is discovered “same type” as Boeing 777s.

But facing these expert opinions, the authorities procrastinate. If the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that the room belonged “very likely” to a Boeing 777 and “the place is consistent with analysis provided to the drift The team of Malaysian investigation “, it did not go as far as saying that it was a piece of the MH370 flight.

The Bureau of Investigation and Analysis ( BEA), which must inspect the room, said that “there is no official confirmation at this stage on the nature of the play” . The prefect of Reunion and the French Ministry of Justice added:

“At this stage, the source of the debris is not identified. No hypothesis can not be excluded, including from a Boeing 777. “

  • Why the debris he was found in Reunion?

The region experienced air crashes, but none involving a Boeing 777. Four major accidents of this type of device were recorded in twenty years and a priori one, than the MH370, occurred south of the equator. This suggests that if this is actually a piece of the Boeing 777, it could only come from the theft of Malaysia Airlines.

The type of piece that was found in Reunion generally carries markings or identification numbers. The local press says that the serial number would be “657-BB”. Which proves, according to the website, which relies on the maintenance manual of 777, the flaperon belongs to a Boeing aircraft.

The fact that “one finds Debris in Reunion does not mean that the MH370 has been so far “ says Xavier Tytelman. By spoiling off Australia, its remains have simply been swept away by the current, and fail at this place after a year.

The South Equatorial Current is indeed very powerful. The Daily Mail Australia has a map showing the results of scientific research investigating the disappearance. According to their calculations, which take into account the strength of the current, debris from the unit could result in the Reunion Island between eighteen and twenty-four months after the incident.

  • Why has the expertise she held in France?

The debris in question will be transported to a branch of the Directorate General Armament (DGA) in Toulouse this weekend. It will then be appraised by agents of the BEA and other experts of aeronautics in a laboratory under the Ministry of Defense and specialist in technical investigations after aviation accidents.

According to an agreement International, Malaysia is the country responsible for the search and investigation. But this country has entrusted the management of Australia search operations as they occur off its coasts. An international survey is conducted for over a year by Malaysian and Australian experts, who rely send a team to the Reunion.

This expertise, different from the French, will coordinate research and determine if it is indeed the instrument of flight MH370. If Malaysia and Australia have insistently demanded the repatriation of this piece, France flatly refused. Four French were present in the MH370 flight, and a French anti-terrorist investigating judge has been commissioned to investigate. In addition, the flaperon was found on French territory.


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