Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eurotunnel. 1500 new intrusion attempts of migrants, one dead – Ouest-France

“Our teams have found a body this (Wednesday) morning and firefighters have confirmed the death of the person” confirmed a spokesman for Eurotunnel.

This is the ninth person died near the Eurotunnel site since the beginning of June.

The deceased, of Sudanese origin, have “25 to 30 years “ and was hit by a truck ” of a shuttle coming down as he tried to climb on “, said a police source.

“Everything happened that night, and at 06:00, the police had still a lot of work” , she said, adding that he had reported the presence ” between 500 and 1000 migrants “ near the site of the Channel Tunnel.

” I am not surprised by the high number of migrants. A migrant made two or three attempts, not much more “, she said.

Daily attempts

7:30, a vehicle the gendarmerie still prospecting around the site, explaining that queues of trucks were being formed at the entrance of the tunnel.

During the previous night, Eurotunnel had already indicated that about 2000 migrants intrusion attempts had been identified. It was “the largest intrusion attempt last month and a half” , said a spokesman for Eurotunnel.

For several weeks, attempts intrusion of migrants on the Eurotunnel site are daily.

5000 people prevented from immigrating to Britain

Because of a social conflict between the shipping company and the owner of MyFerryLink its boats, the Eurotunnel Group, the port of Calais was blocked largely since June. Many migrants then tried to take advantage of the paralysis Channel traffic to get on the trucks stopped in Calais.

The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was traveling Tuesday in Britain for meet with his British counterpart Theresa May on the issue of migration, omnipresent in 15 years in the Calais region.

According to official sources, the departure of some 5000 migrants wishing to emigrate to Britain has to date been prevented, whether on the Eurotunnel site or via the port of Calais.

The situation “very worrying” Cameron

British Prime Minister said he was very concerned by Wednesday candestins attempts to enter Britain via the Channel tunnel.

“It’s very worrying. We work closely “ with the French authorities to deal with the situation, said Mr Cameron told reporters on the sidelines of a visit to Singapore.

The British Minister of Interior, Theresa May, will chair an emergency meeting of the Cobra committee, made up of ministers and security officials to discuss the incident happened Tuesday in Calais said Mr. Cameron.


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