Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Carcassonne: they leave their infants in their car in the sun for shopping – TF1

“When the man arrived, he was initially worried about his drive ” … Shortly before 18h Monday in the city center of Carcassonne, a Baby was found abandoned and suffocated in a car by his parents. Police were alerted by passers-by heard the child crying: “We went up the street when Jean-Bringer heard shouting in a car It was a baby crying, he was red in the window was.. a little bit open, but it had to be inside the furnace. We immediately called the municipal police, a neighbor tells tobacconist in the Midi-Libre columns.

The infant had to be rescued by the police who broke the glass front left of the vehicle, not to hurt the child on the rear-right seat: “The baby was scarlet and n had nothing to drink, shows a policeman. Firefighters arrived and refreshed. He threw himself on the bottle. “A story that ends happily for many infants, aged just four months.

If the worst was avoided for this baby, her parents should not escape criminal prosecution a lesser evil for the couple who according to police statements seemed more interested in the broken glass. “It took us ten minutes to find the parents. A witness gave us a description of the mom who has a leg in plaster. They were in a clothing store in the mall! And when the man arrived, he was initially worried about his car. “


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