Thursday, July 30, 2015

The application Rebsamen in Dijon, a new communication quack – Le Figaro

POLITICAL SCAN – Some confusion has surrounded the announcement of the candidacy of François Rebsamen in Dijon as a result of conflicting statements between his office and the government

The Minister of Labour may well be a close friend of President François Hollande, since his appointment to the Ministry of Labour, did not spare the nerves of the Executive multiplying of hiccups communication. The last could also announce the departure of former Senator of government: it will run for mayor of Dijon, following the death of Alain Millot Monday. If elected, this return to City Hall should not allow it to remain Minister in the charter of ethics displayed on the website of the Elysee. But while the new tomb of his candidacy in the afternoon, confusion sets in. Dispatch after dispatch, the Elysee and the minister’s office contradict its continuation or not the government.

Even before the release of the AFP, the minister says in Le Figaro in the afternoon that his eventual return to Dijon constituted “not a good exit.” Minutes later, the Elysee indicated that the intended use, François Rebsamen unleash the Ministry of Labour if elected. An assertion quickly contradicted by the minister’s office to AFP: “the Minister will not resign.” Quickly, the arguments of the rue de Grenelle are expanding: the exceptional circumstances related to the death of Alain Millot suggest an outstanding management and François Rebsamen has yet to complete a number of important issues. Is then invoked the “jurisprudence Cuvillier.” In the aftermath of the 2014 municipal elections, the Secretary of State for Transport was re-elected mayor of Boulogne-sur-Mer but had won the right to stay in government until the next reshuffle at the end of August.

This is a similar configuration as is the Minister of Labour: remain in place until a possible reshuffle would take place late 2015 or early 2016, after the regional elections. This quack communication course has not escaped the opposition. “Rebsamen ad wanting to be mayor of Dijon and president of the urban community while remaining in government. The Elysee said no. Normalized disorder, “noted Senator Roger Karoutchi Republicans. Admittedly, François Rebsamen is customary to such incidents since joining the ministry in April 2014.

In December 2014, he announced that the government was considering lengthening the time for contribution pensions, against the advice of the government. In October 2014, he gave an interview to the magazine Burgundy The Mirror . François Rebsamen says it “has long been fighting for a liberal vision of the economy,” talks about reform 35 hours, work on Sundays. It also will tackle Michel Sapin. Published in the morning at 7am, the article is removed catastrophe on request of his cabinet three hours later because of the impact deemed catastrophic for his image. In September 2014, it bothers the president Francois Hollande stating that he wants to strengthen the control of the unemployed seek to ensure they work well. Even annoyance caused to the preceding month of June when François Rebsamen refuses to comment on the bad unemployment figures.


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