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Crisis ranchers. End blockages, maintaining targeted actions – Ouest-France

So the farmers who blocked the bridge in Finistère Morlaix, on the Paris-Brest, have gradually lifted the roadblocks set up for three days, the last in the great west.

This announcement was made following a rally on the site, attended by between 250 and 300 pig farmers, cattle and dairy farmers, who protest throughout France for several days against low pay of their products.

“We called for the lifting of blockades because I think it is not appropriate to maintain the dams. Farmers must rest and in addition, there is work on farms “, explained the President of the Young Farmers of Finistère, Sébastien Louzaouen.

“The government’s plan is not ambitious enough”

“We scored the coup but that’s not why we will stop actions because the government’s plan is not ambitious enough “, he said.

” From there, we do not see why we would stop put pressure “, has he warned.

” The € 600 million announced by the Government, it looks good. But for us, it’s a lot of com ‘, and it’s back to better jump “, commented Sébastien Louzaouen

” We must address the underlying problem that is to say the balance of power between producers and distribution “, has he added.

Recall that the President met with representatives of agricultural organizations Thursday in Côte-d’Or, in the context of a movement originally devoted to viticulture.

A contingency plan has more than 600 million euros

Faced since last weekend to a growing protest, the government announced Wednesday an emergency plan with more than 600 million euros in favor of farmers in difficulty.

The purpose: raise prices paid to farmers, as for pork for beef, and loosen the grip of their debt. The state will thus engage with banks to restructure all medium and long term debt.

On pricing, “we want there to be not only the distribution that make the necessary effort to compensate producers but also slaughterers and processors who are accountable “, Hollande insisted, referring ” all productions “, milk and including meat.

Previously, RTL, Manuel Valls had judged “essential that prices rise in beef sectors” . The Prime Minister also announced the “generalization” “local sourcing” meat in collective state restores.

10 000-15 000 farmers mobilized Thursday

This generalization will be “immediate action” , including through “clauses revisions” said Mr. Holland, who also promised to redouble efforts to promote the merits of French agriculture internationally.

Meanwhile, the government plan has received very mixed reactions. According to the FNSEA 10 000-15 000 farmers rallied in the day, the roadblocks and punch operations organized throughout the country.

The anger has ‘s power’ express “, said the president of the first agricultural union Xavier Beulin.

Since Dijon, after meeting with Hollande, the president of the National Federation of Cattle Breeders (FNB) Jean-Pierre Fleury, estimated that “conditions (were) not met to lift the blockades” .

Several punch Equity

In the field, roadblocks gradually gave way to actions targeting manufacturers or distributors, such as dairies in Loire-Atlantique or a Leclerc hypermarket in the North.

Over 400 Farmers with tractors of around 70 Tarn-et-Garonne organized several punch action Thursday night in front of supermarkets and dairies did was learned from the organizers and police.

Ariege, hundreds of farmers have implanted filter dams from 23 h 30 to Saint-Girons Prat Bonrepaux, told AFP a spokesman for the FDSEA.

Producers Milk Nord / Pas-de-Calais began Thursday night blocking three milk processing sites. Forty and a hundred farmers were blocking respectively the dairy plant Novandie in Vieil-Moutier (Pas-de-Calais) and the cooperative farm of Prosperity Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise. Both blocks had to stop 01 to 00 am, according to the FDSEA.

Manuel Valls welcomes the “responsible behavior of each”

the North, from the Danone factory Bailleul were blocked for 21 h 30. 100-200 farmers, according to the North Prefecture and FDSEA, gathered outside the factory, without incident.

At the call of the FDSEA, some 200 farmers have Lozère installed, and the Young Farmers, a filtering dam on the A75 motorway in the north south direction. Motorists were diverted to the Lozère area, where breeders distributing leaflets and milk of just mark the Massif Central Monlait. They were to be joined by the Cantal farmers in the evening. The dam should be maintained until midnight.

The dams have, however, been raised around Lyon and on major bridges over the Seine in Seine-Maritime. Some will, however, kept all night, and south of Clermont-Ferrand, or Nevers.

Manuel Valls acknowledged late in the day the lifting of roadblocks “in many areas” , in his brand of “responsible behavior of each” .

In Franche-Comté, breeders intercepted “without violence” during a barrage filter, a truck carrying some forty German beef carcasses intended for a number of meat in France, the Bigard Group.

Maintain pressure “all summer”

The FNSEA and Young Farmers (JA) promised to maintain pressure “all summer” by putting under surveillance slaughterhouses and supermarkets. But blockages should not continue, so as not to disturb the large crossover of holidaymakers this weekend.

The executive wishes to avoid this crisis drags in the heart of summer , a few months regional elections and an opposition on the lookout.

The president of Republicans, Nicolas Sarkozy, is thus broke his silence Wednesday to find that the government plan was “not up to the crisis” .

right “asleep while taking the first steps” , responded to the Minister of Liberation Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll, also involving the 2009 plan Fillon government.

The president of the National Front, Marine Le Pen, has meanwhile called “empty incantations” ads of the executive.

M. Le Foll must meet on Friday the dairy industry for a roundtable at the request of the President of the Federation of Milk Producers (FNPL), Thierry Roquefeuil to define a revaluation in milk prices. “All actors are around the table. The objective is to work on the burden on farms “, said Mr Roquefeuil.

Finally, the Minister got the convening of a European Council of Ministers of the Agriculture in September on the livestock crisis.


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