Thursday, July 30, 2015

Patrick Buisson indicted in the case of surveys of the Elysee – The World

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Patrick Buisson in Paris in October 2012.

One was in the shadow political advisor to President Sarkozy. The second, always linked to the former head of state, his strategist. Patrick Buisson and Pierre Giacometti were summoned by police, Wednesday, July 29, as part of the case of the Elysée polls. After a brief hearing, Patrick Buisson has been indicted for “crime of favoritism concealment” , “misuse of company assets” and “misuse of public funds by an individual” with the judge’s financial hub Serge Tournaire. The merits of the case has not been addressed, but should be in the fall.

The hearing of Pierre Giacometti, former director of the Ipsos polling institute and chairman of the firm Consulting-Giacometti Peron, was much longer. His detention began Wednesday morning and was extended Thursday morning. After the interrogation, two scenarios are possible: Mr. Giacometti free spring or is brought before the investigating judge for a possible indictment

This investigation opened in 2010 <. em> “crime of favoritism” and “embezzlement” remember what the exercise of power under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy. As often, the latter is absent omnipresent in history, due to the criminal responsibility of a head of state. But impossible to conceal his name: these are the companies of its two closest advisers who benefited, during the whole five years, more than advantageous contracts polls orders and consulting services

. The investigation …


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