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Assaulted in swimsuit “no religious reason” slice parquet – The Obs

Background. Five young women (both minors) were referred to the prosecutor of Reims after, Wednesday, July 22, molested another girl of 21 who bronzed in swimsuit in the Léo Lagrange Park Reims. C ONDUCT at Reims University Hospital after the intervention of the emergency alerted by witnesses, the victim suffers injuries that required four days of total incapacity for work (ITT).

“This is a fight between girls degenerates after one of the authors of the attack said: ‘Go get dressed, it’s not summer”, told AFP Commissioner permanence, Julie Galisson. “One of the women arrested and did not let her and it escalated into violence,” she said.

Both in the statements of the victim and updates concerned, nothing religious or moral character is evoked to explain the aggression, “said the Commissioner.

Quickly identified and arrested by the police, five people behind the assault, five young women 16 to 24 years, were referred to the prosecutor at the weekend. The principal author, aged 17, was submitted to a juvenile court judge, who under the status of witness attended, but this decision was challenged by the prosecution that appealed. The three major are convened before the Reims criminal court on September 24.

“S i was me, I would not dare put me in this outfit “

First observation: in fact, been Reims does not lend itself, these days, the wearing of bikinis, as have learned the hard way the few demonstrators gathered in swimsuit in the Léo-Lagrange Park to the call of SOS Racisme Sunday.

 (The Weather Channel)

But nothing prevented the victim of altercation Wednesday to dress in swimwear in a public park, provided they do not fall foul of a “ sexual exhibition imposed on the sight of others in a place accessible to the public gaze “( Article 222-32 of the Penal Code). The bombing offense against decency no longer exists in French law since 1994.

In a first version of the article, the newspaper Reims Union, which revealed the information this Saturday, explicitly evoked moral reasons to outburst: “ View this woman bronze in the sun, lying in the grass, seems contrary to its moral and its conception of morality as it comes reproached her skimpy outfits judged indecent in such a place. Appalled by such a speech to hints of religious police, the young woman fights back by retorting that does not have to dictate his way of dressing “, tells the journalist.

But, confirming the version of the prosecutor, several witnesses contacted by the site “Buzzfeed” on Sunday reported that the altercation did not involve religious or moral element. One of the defendants said:

We spent watching three girls in bathing suits and I just told my girlfriend that if it were me, I would not dare put me in that outfit. But I said that because I complexed, absolutely not for religious or moral questions. Yes I am Muslim but tolerant “

One of the three” bronzeuses “intends reflection of the girl and retorted bitterly.” A ith your physical, I understand that you do not dare put you in a swimsuit. “There follows an insult on his size and a first slap, and a fight ensues. Far from the first version propagated by certain media, which referred to a” lynching “five against one …

The port of the swimsuit, national cause

For the announcement of the attack , including widely reported on Twitter or on sites labeled very right (or Fdesouche Boulevard Voltaire), ignited the Web on the religious and identity register. The vice president of the FN Florian Philippot was, as usual, the one of the first to step into the breach, later making reference to the privatization of the beach Vallauris by a Saudi prince:

The term “lynching” blossoms into a title of “Figaro”, relayed by MP Eric Ciotti Republicans.

In a Facebook post without nuances, the FN mayor of Hayange Fabien Engelmann retitrait the news item in “ beaten by fanatical and sectarian religious police for (dare ) wearing a swimsuit “” What moral – of our country and freedoms lights or that of an intolerant religious police “.. if he protests

Nadine Morano (Republicans) for his part, stood a photograph of Brigitte Bardot in bikini at the beach. A personal obsession since, as noted by “The Lab”, the former minister had already mentioned the bikini “BB” after crossing a veiled woman at a beach in August 2014.

The president of SOS Racisme, Dominique Sopo, for his part denounced “a moral oppression which reduces our liberties.” The Twitter account of SOS Racisme, claiming the hashtag # JePorteMonMaillotAuParcLéo, relayed all day Sunday selfies of online swimsuit made by way of support.

The deputy mayor of Reims Arnaud Robinet (The Republicans), after a first reaction trench on the event, even spoke of his “tired” face this controversy.



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