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Flight MH370: different hypotheses to explain his disappearance – the Parisian

EW | Jul 31, 2015 6:25 | Updated:. July 31, 2015, 8:58

Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, is the first song that comes to mind. This may indeed explain a change as radical, above Indonesia, and headed south. The day after the disappearance, the Malaysian government announced the presence on Board of two Iranian possession of stolen European passports in Thailand. They were later identified as illegal. However, as explained, it would take years of training to be able to fly the aircraft away from all the radars. Maybe they have threatened the driver then forced to change course. But then, over a year after the fact, how is it that a potential attack has not been claimed?
  • The Cockpit for disabled first class

In a frightening video relayed by, a pilot of the company Varig given a tour of the owner to a television crew, showing him how, from an accessible door of the first class, a person can access many controls of the aircraft. Called EE Bay, electrical and electronics compartment contains the oxygen supply, electronics, everything is there, including a central control system. If it is taken in hand, the cockpit will be useless, and completely helpless drivers.

VIDEO. Visit EE Bay by a pilot of the company Varig

Second possibility of voluntary accident, suicide driver, precipitating with his crew and passengers would not be unprecedented. We remember well on the A320 Germanwings in March, but it is not alone. According to the US Agency for Civil Aviation (FAA), the suicide of a driver is the cause of less than 0.5% of fatal air accidents. “This aircraft has remained under control until the last minute,” said Tim Clark in the World. The boss of Emirates Airlines, the airline with the largest fleet of Boeing 777 in the world is the most authoritative voices to denounce the flagrant lack of transparency in this matter. But the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, nothing unbalanced. With 18,000 flight hours on the clock, the 53 year old man has no family problems, or open political demands. But for Malaysia, there is no doubt that contact with the plane was cut deliberately. What about then the famous “goodnight” uttered by the pilot shortly before the disappearance of the plane?

  • Lack of oxygen on board

This is still the most easily explainable solution, and the one preferred by those responsible for the survey: rapid fall of oxygen on board the aircraft. Killing everyone on board, the aircraft would have continued his journey on autopilot, like a flying coffin before exhausting its fuel reserves and spoil off Australia. Depressurization would have the same consequences. A crack could cause a strong pressure change. Maybe the pilot had spotted it, and tried to turn back? In response to these allegations the airline had assured that the Boeing 777 was passed technical inspection ten days before. This theory can not explain the total loss of contact with the plane.
Another possible reason half a turn suddenly would start a fire. As explained Liberation, the plane was carrying about 400 kilograms of lithium batteries, the gas is terribly poisonous if this one were to catch fire.
  • Conspiracy theories hidden landing and other smoking

If there is a truth about the internet is that you are just what you are looking for. It is easy to come across many conspiracy websites that support the plane landed, somewhere out of sight. If a scenario worthy of one of the best episodes of Lost is very attractive, it is equally unlikely. Difficult to land a plane of this size and keep 239 people under surveillance without arousing suspicion.
The eruption of the Piton of the furnace , a coincidence ? Not so sure for users

While scientists and journalists yesterday invaded the island of Reunion, Piton de la Fournaise, the only active volcano coastal entered an intense phase of activity. In fear of an imminent eruption, the investigation team had to evacuate the study area cabin song. It was enough to webosphère to speculate on new, more outlandish theories each other. Gondola head, a possible disappearance of the aircraft in the volcano’s crater

If this theory is more than smoking, research submarine the plane have detected permi numerous submarine volcanoes, a great step forward for the scientific world, explains NBC news.

  • A terrible combination of circumstances

The most important in all air crash is to consider the incidents one after the other like a chain of elements that could not prevent the accident. In aircraft, dozens of security measures are there to prevent any fatal problem, and apparatus crashed as if every verification step, a missed element in its role. More than a year after the fact, while the black boxes can not be found, it seems impossible to know with certainty the place of the events that precipitated the fall of flight MH370. The incident surely remain one of the greatest mysteries of civil aviation & gt;. & gt; Come discuss and ask questions on our forums!


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