Thursday, July 23, 2015

Breeders: Hollande defends the emergency plan, dams persist – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Francois Hollande is expected to firm up Thursday morning at Dijon, where he will defend agricultural officials face an emergency plan for farmers struggling to convince, as demonstrated by the continuing roadblocks including the inputs of Lyon.

The meeting, originally added to a movement devoted to viticulture, will be held at 09:00 at the prefecture. The President will meet with Jean-Pierre Fleury, president of the Federation Nationale Bovine, also breeder in Côte d’Or, Bernard Lacour, president of the FDSEA of Saône-et-Loire and Samuel Legrand, President of Young Farmers of Burgundy .

Faced since last weekend to a growing protest, the government announced Wednesday an emergency plan with more than 600 million euros in favor of farmers in difficulty.

The goal: raise prices paid to farmers, as for pork for beef, and loosen the grip of their debt. The state will thus engage with banks to restructure all medium and long term debt.

On Thursday morning, RTL, Manuel Valls hammered this message after a stormy session in the Assembly National almost entirely devoted to this theme on Wednesday. The Prime Minister launched a “call” to the “responsibility” of “fallers” and “industrial”. “It is essential that prices rise in beef sectors”, he reiterated.

M. Valls, who also announced the “generalization” of “local supply” meat in canteens of State, continue to work conviction Thursday while traveling in the south-west, notably in connection the visit of a veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory in Libourne (Gironde).

The plan received very mixed reactions. The FNSEA President Xavier Beulin announced Thursday on Europe 1 that farmers were preparing “new movements within two or three days ahead.” Anger must “be able to speak,” he has said, while calling for the “weighting on the ground”.

The dams installed around Caen since Monday morning and where began on of anger, began to be lifted Wednesday, but the movement has spread to other areas

-. Blocking access to Lyon –

If the situation seemed s appease in Brittany and in the north, tension remains high in the east-central. The three main access to Lyon were blocked Thursday morning, with over 300 tractors engaged. The Fourvière tunnel is particularly closed.

“Operators expect concrete answers on the revaluation of producer prices,” which “are no longer waiting for you in most sectors while costs keep increasing, “say local representatives of the FNSEA and Young Farmers (JA).

According to them, these blocks should not continue Friday and the weekend so as not to disturb the vacationers, but the exasperation of farmers is strong.

“We’ll see after the ads that will be made today on the price,” told AFP Sebastien Mazallon, president of JA Rhone.

Xavier Beulin expected late Thursday afternoon on the dam of the A6. Other actions are planned Thursday including Clermont-Ferrand and Burgundy, where making the Head of State. Filter dams are also in place on several bridges in Normandy or Charentes Maritimes (Oléron Island).

Wednesday protest actions, often directed against supermarkets, had spread to the Franche -Comté, the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Correze region.

The executive is mobilized to prevent this crisis drags in the heart of summer, a few months regional elections and an opposition the look.

The Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll, meets Thursday in Libération, a recurring criticism, ensuring that beyond the emergency, the government “asked the foundation for a profound reform “and that it is possible to” change farming model. “

The line” asleep while taking the first steps, “accuses t- He also involving the 2009 plan Fillon government face the harsh criticism of the opposition.

On Wednesday, the president of the group Republicans, Christian Jacob, former agricultural union, had called the government plan “Transaction com” to “masquerade”, the “lie” of “humbug”. Manuel Valls accused him in turn of supporting “populism” and “Poujadism”.

The plan is “not up to the crisis of French agriculture” and “responds not the lack of competitiveness facing, “ruled for its part, Nicolas Sarkozy.


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